In certain situations, there is no other option but to use a public computer. Whether you are traveling and cannot find your mobile computing device, cannot access a web connection while on-the-go or simply do not have your laptop/smartphone on you for whatever reason, it will prove awfully tempting to use a public computer. Below, our IT services team in Santa Clara explains how to safely use a public computer.

Do Not Allow Public Computers to Remember You

You will likely use a website on a public computer that requires login credentials. It is a mistake to check the “Remember me” box when prompted. Make sure this box is unchecked before proceeding with your web browsing. If you are uncertain as to what this box looks like, our IT services team in Santa Clara can help. Furthermore, if you see any boxes that read “Keep me signed in”, make sure they are also unchecked. Above all, be sure to log out of the site before closing your web browsing session on the public computer. Merely closing your web browser will not ensure you are logged out.

Clear Your Web History

Once your work is wrapped up on the public computer, do not forget to clear the web browser’s history. Clearing every possible setting on the browser rather than merely clearing the history. Ideally, you will be able to clear the cache, form data and browser cookies to reset the login information that might have been mistakenly saved. Furthermore, such a comprehensive clearing guarantees no one will be able to view your email address when typing the first couple letters in the text box. If you are uncertain as to how to clear your web history, prevent public computers from remembering you or any other aspect of web security, do not hesitate to lean on our IT support team in Santa Clara for assistance.

Refrain from Typing Sensitive Information

Though it is certainly tempting to transmit sensitive data for convenience’s sake, doing so is a monumental mistake. Do not lose sight of the fact that countless people will use the public computer after you. This is precisely why you should never type your banking information, credit card number, Social Security number or any other important information into text fields or Word documents on a public computer.

Riverfy is on Your Side

The moral of this story is it is better to use your own computer on a secure web connection rather than public computers and/or public wireless connections. However, if it is absolutely necessary to use a public computer, proceed with caution. At Riverfy, our IT services team in Santa Clara is here to help your team avoid digital and cybersecurity traps, safeguard your company’s data, and keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. Contact us to learn more.