Network administration is integral to maintaining an organization’s work flow and keeping its lines of communication open. In the absence of an adequate functioning network, the operations of an entire organization can come to a standstill. At Riverfy, along with working diligently on the maintenance of the overall health of the network, server deployment and security, ensuring network connectivity throughout and company LAN/WAN infrastructure, we also carry out updating all equipment and software so they’re current and perform up to their optimum level.  Leveraging from our wide experience and advanced network administration tools, we conceive a well designed and robust architecture that takes into account all aspects of your network security.

Preventive Maintenance

When something goes wrong with your IT, it leaves you worrying about when and where downtime will strike – and how much it’s going to cost. Therefore, we administer preventive maintenance as the best method for decreasing downtime and keeping security tight. This is conducted on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the solution you select.

Quick Response

Our service desk responds and acts immediately on alerts, issues, and customer inquiries regarding the covered components of your Riverfy Managed Services contract.

DR Testing

Disaster Recovery (DR) Testing helps ensuring that an organization can recover data, restore business critical applications and continue operations in an event of interruption of services. To stay up to speed on all the procedures that need to be implemented if there is a disaster, we carry out DR testing at least once every year

New User and Machine Provisioning

From installation through implementation, we make sure everything is set up right the first time. To ensure your Network, workstations, servers, and software work as expected, we provision new machines, setup new machines and users, and provide introductory training to your staff.