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A preliminary analysis of your requirements and existing IT infrastructure helps assemble a strategic plan and budget that fits your needs


We help you build an infrastructure for your critical data and business applications that integrates seamlessly into your existing system


The assurance of an expert working along with you 24x7 and ensuring the smooth operations

Machines can be your best ally to achieve success or they can destroy everything you’ve ever worked for. Our local support team based in Santa Clara provides both onsite and remote IT support to keep your business operations alive and thriving
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Save Your Business’ future with:

Limitless Onsite Emergency Support

True IT support happens when people and machines work proactively to keep your business future secure. We monitor your network on a daily basis but we all know things happen! We'll be there when you need us for those unexpected situations

IT Team Collaboration

Does your internal IT team just need some backup in handling your machines? Our support team can work with your in-house IT department to take some things off their hands to make sure your projects are completed on time

Limitless Remote Desktop Support

We're armed with 100 combined certifications to support and monitor your functionalities and communications without rest. It's our secret weapon to keep the pulse of your business beating!

IT Projects

Got a side mission that you want us to take on? We'll send in the IT Corps to handle any IT project you can think of!

Technology Consulting

IT has touched every sphere of life and is the backbone of the modern-day businesses. To ensure business objectives are met effectively and efficiently using IT systems, we define, design and execute IT strategies that integrate seamlessly in the existing system and accelerate business growth. Along with managing, administering, deploying and implementing IT systems, we stringently monitor the business processes in the light of enhanced technology to make sure the results are in tune with the business overall goals.

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Proactive Technology Management

We provide support for your entire IT infrastructure from the ground up. As opposed to standard break/fix contract that leaves your system haywire when a disruption happens, deploying our proactive monitoring system on your network ensures that problems are detected and resolved often before you are even aware there was an issue. This keeps your business functioning smoothly without experiencing unproductive downtime.

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Network Administration

Whether it’s resolving any network issues or preparing your infrastructure for network innovations in security, cloud, mobility and big data, we provide the best of the best in network administration. The software integrated tools and best practices are deployed and a technology checklist is prepared to make sure everything stays-in-line and that you are in control and confident of your computer infrastructure.

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Reactive Support Services

No matter how big or small your problem is; we have a dedicated staff whose only job is to address reactive support issues so you get fast response and the assurance of someone working your problems through to completion without any unnecessary interruptions. From a dedicated service team, remote/on-site support, third-party application support to answering your ‘How To’ questions, we deliver support how, when and where you want.

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Reduce downtime, increase profitability, and put your technology to work.

Riverfy’s experts manage, maintain, and upgrade your companies systems. Our dedication allows you and your staff can focus entirely on growing your business, not managing your IT.

Partnering with Riverfy, you will save money gain peace of mind, suffer less downtime, and have no-surprises, all for a flat-rate that’s designed to work for you.

Budget Effectively

Budget with our guaranteed one cost, flat-rate fee with no unexpected costs or unforseen downtime

24/7 Security

Protect your business from malware & ransomware with monitoring for, servers, databases, and workstations.

24/7 Support

Anytime something goes wrong contact our experts via email, text, or phone.

Stay Updated

Keep your business on the cutting edge with remote installed programs & patch updates.

Our IT Support San Jose Blogs
IT support San Jose

4 Ways IT Support Services In San Jose Can Help You Avert Cyber Attacks

A reliable IT support firm in San Jose can help in creating customized cyber security plans to protect the digital information of your business. Apart from streamlining operations, optimizing client relationships, and acquiring latest technology, boosting the security of your data should also be on top of your list.

IT support San Jose

4 Ways IT Support Services In San Jose Can Help You Avert Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and that’s why you need IT support in San Jose to protect your computer against attacks. Cybersecurity issues like breached and hacked data are becoming rampant.

IT support San Jose

How IT Support in San Jose Can Help You with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers numerous benefits and IT support in San Jose can help your business fully take advantage of these services. An IT service provider will handle all the complexities of the cloud and enable your business to easily transition without any problems. Cloud technology can play a vital role in elevating the success of your company and allowing employees to be much more productive.

IT Consulting Bay Area Blogs
IT consulting Bay Area

Know Your Risk Universe and Prepare to Defend Your Business with IT Consulting in Bay Area

There are certain IT security practices that you should always try to follow as a business owner. Ask us, IT consulting professionals in Bay Area, about best practices in the information security space and we can rattle off several of them to you. Unless you’re an expert though, it’s just going to be gibberish.

IT consulting Bay Area

Top 5 Questions to Ask an IT Consulting Firm in Bay Area

A reputable IT consulting firm in Bay Area can assist your company in optimizing operations, minimizing expenditures, and boosting productivity. When hiring the provider to collaborate with, it’s imperative to ask queries that will equip you with an in-depth understanding of how the collaboration will work and what services you should expect.

IT consulting Bay Area

Why VoIP Should Be Part of IT Consulting in Bay Area

Ask yourself how well your landline has been working for you. Does it ever drop phone calls or generate too much downtime? If so, find out from your IT consulting partner in Bay Area if they’re able to help you shift to a VoIP system to replace your PBX system. With a minor upfront investment, you can switch to this more modern

IT Services Santa Clara Blogs
IT services Santa Clara

Why Downtime Should Be Addressed by Your IT Services Provider in Santa Clara

Shorter downtime is one of the expectations companies have when they outsource to an IT services provider in Santa Clara. When most managed service providers (MSPs) promise to deliver at least 99% availability, this expectation is not unreasonable. In fact, some IT support service providers in Santa Clara offer high availability starting…

IT services Santa Clara

How IT Services in Santa Clara Can Help You Create a Secure BYOD Strategy

The rise of BYOD policies in the workplace offers many benefits but also significant risks for businesses. IT services firms in Santa Clara can help you develop a secure BYOD strategy to minimize the chance of data loss or a cybersecurity incident. A BYOD policy covers any type of mobile devices in the workplace, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

IT services Santa Clara, IT support Santa Clara

Benefits of a Next-Generation Firewall from IT Services Providers in Santa Clara

n this age of rampant cyber-attacks, your business can’t afford to be still using outdated firewall protection. Small companies all the way to major international companies have all had their networks affected by hackers. With IT services in Santa Clara, you can make sure your business network is adequately protected with a next-generation firewall.

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IT support San Jose

Find the Best Security Solutions for Your Business with IT Support in San Jose

IT support in San Jose will play an essential part in helping you keep your company operationally secure. Certainly, there are interior solutions you can pursue, but what you get for such a cost just isn’t comparable to what you could get through managed security solutions through an MSP. There are a number of security best practices you’re likely aware of: firewalls, antivirus software, and internal education to help employees use best practices perpetually.

IT support San Jose

Get Mobile Backup Solutions from a Trusted IT Support Company in San Jose

Mobile devices are crucial assets in the modern commercial set-up. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have backup solutions for your business from an IT support expert in San Jose. In general, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are used in companies to communicate with customers, investors and business partners. Therefore, there is extensive and critical information stored in the pertinent devices.

Our IT Support Team in San Jose Explains the Threat of Social Engineering

When it comes to business security, most companies neglect social engineering, as little is known about it compared to other more traditional forms of attack. Some do not understand what social engineering is, while others do not recognize just how serious of a threat it really is. Below, our IT support team in San Jose delves into social engineering and explains much of a threat it really is to your business.

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IT consulting Bay Area

IT Consulting in Bay Area and Current Trends in the Tech Industry

Does your business need IT services? Do you need a dedicated IT team that can help your business grow? With all the changes in technology that’s constantly happening, companies can significantly benefit from a reliable IT consulting firm in Bay Area. To get a clearer view of these changes and the importance of an outsourced help, here are three growing trends in the tech industry today:

IT consulting Bay Area

IT Consulting in Bay Area Answers the Call for Outsourced Help Desk Support

Although IT consulting in Bay Area can now be easily outsourced, it’s still advisable for businesses to know the basics of the services they need. This empowers them to demand only the best from their chosen third-party providers. One such example of outsourced services is customer support. Businesses can delegate this task to providers, leaving them with more time to focus on their main objectives. Usually, this kind of customer support is outsourced in the form of a help desk wherein representatives take calls and answer emails.

IT consulting Bay Area

Why a Reliable IT Consulting Firm in Bay Area is Important for Strengthening Your Cybersecurity

All businesses require IT services from a reputable IT consulting firm in Bay Area. The increased frequency of cyberattacks on companies has made it almost mandatory for businesses to source for these services, particularly for cybersecurity services. Many businesses, however, are still underestimating the threat posed by these attacks, not knowing that they can potentially knock them off-balance. Being a business owner, you have the responsibility of making sure that your business is safe from cybercriminals.

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