Expert IT support meets warm friendliness

We go above and beyond for our clients, making sure that you are absolutely satisfied with our IT services, all with a warm and friendly attitude!

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Average time saved per department

With up to 30% in several instances; eliminating the need for additional hires

5 minutes

Average response time

Our benchmark, which we constantly seek to beat, with same-day resolutions, come hailstorm or flood.


Customer retention

Absolutely impressed and satisfied with our services, our clients stay with us.

We are a team of IT experts on a mission to help businesses

Our mission to help your business achieve more through the efficient use of innovative technology solutions. We strive to maintain an impeccable level of service delivered with a sense of warmth and friendliness to our clients.

We believe in your business, and back that up by offering you world class IT support and services, to help you grow in record time, and stay light-years ahead of the competition.

Born out of a need to redefine IT support, we're exceeding expectations..

RIVERFY started up in 2012, to provide quality IT support, as well as industry-specific IT services to businesses in the Bay area. With 35 years of combined IT experience in CPAs and manufacturing, we knew we had to focus on these types of businesses.

Ever since then, we have been at IT, revolutionizing the experience that businesses have with IT support; with our incredibly-fast responses and mind-blowing ability to have ALL THE ANSWERS.

There is a confidence that comes with knowing that your IT infrastructure is in the hands of experts that understand your industry and business processes inside-out, and can provide instant solutions, no matter the issue.

That's the confidence our clients wear all day, in Santa Clara, San Jose and beyond... Not just that, we are empathic humans that actually deeply care about your success. To some, that makes all the difference.

The values which drive everything we do


A technology partner who does nothing more than handle support tickets is no partner at all. We help you thrive, using technology.


You can rely on us to always be there for you, no matter when you need us. We become partners with you,


Our business grows alongside yours. So our commitment to helping you thrive... also makes logical business sense!

Team Work

You receive all the benefits of working with an external party, while still feeling like we are part of your team. Because we are!

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