Onsite & Remote IT Support & Security Solutions For San Jose & Santa Clara

Our Mission? To help your business achieve more through the efficient use of innovative technology solutions. We strive to maintain an impeccable level of service delivered with a sense of warmth and friendliness to our clients

Remote Desktop & Onsite It Support For Silicon Valley & Beyond


A preliminary analysis of your requirements and existing IT infrastructure helps assemble a strategic plan and budget that fits your needs


We help you build an infrastructure for your critical data and business applications that integrates seamlessly into your existing system


The assurance of an expert working along with you 24x7 and ensuring the smooth operations

Machines can be your best ally to achieve success or they can destroy everything you’ve ever worked for. Our local support team based in Santa Clara provides both onsite and remote IT support to keep your business operations alive and thriving
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Save Your Business’ future with:

Limitless Onsite Emergency Support

True IT support happens when people and machines work proactively to keep your business future secure. We monitor your network on a daily basis but we all know things happen! We'll be there when you need us for those unexpected situations

IT Team Collaboration

Does your internal IT team just need some backup in handling your machines? Our support team can work with your in-house IT department to take some things off their hands to make sure your projects are completed on time

Limitless Remote Desktop Support

We're armed with 100 combined certifications to support and monitor your functionalities and communications without rest. It's our secret weapon to keep the pulse of your business beating!

IT Projects

Got a side mission that you want us to take on? We'll send in the IT Corps to handle any IT project you can think of!


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    Technology Consulting For The Bay Area

    IT has touched every sphere of life and is the backbone of the modern-day businesses. To ensure business objectives are met effectively and efficiently using IT systems, we define, design and execute IT strategies that integrate seamlessly in the existing system and accelerate business growth. Along with managing, administering, deploying and implementing IT systems, we stringently monitor the business processes in the light of enhanced technology to make sure the results are in tune with the business overall goals.

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    Proactive IT Services & Technology Management For Santa Clara

    We provide support for your entire IT infrastructure from the ground up. As opposed to standard break/fix contract that leaves your system haywire when a disruption happens, deploying our proactive monitoring system on your network ensures that problems are detected and resolved often before you are even aware there was an issue. This keeps your business functioning smoothly without experiencing unproductive downtime.

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    Network Administration

    Whether it’s resolving any network issues or preparing your infrastructure for network innovations in security, cloud, mobility and big data, we provide the best of the best in network administration. The software integrated tools and best practices are deployed and a technology checklist is prepared to make sure everything stays-in-line and that you are in control and confident of your computer infrastructure.

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    Reactive IT Support Services For Santa Clara

    No matter how big or small your problem is; we have a dedicated staff whose only job is to address reactive support issues so you get fast response and the assurance of someone working your problems through to completion without any unnecessary interruptions. From a dedicated service team, remote/on-site support, third-party application support to answering your ‘How To’ questions, we deliver support how, when and where you want.

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    Reduce downtime, increase profitability, and put your IT Support in San Jose to work.

    Riverfy’s experts manage, maintain, and upgrade your companies systems. Our dedication allows you and your staff can focus entirely on growing your business, not managing your IT.

    Partnering with Riverfy, you will save money gain peace of mind, suffer less downtime, and have no-surprises, all for a flat-rate that’s designed to work for you.

    Budget Effectively

    Budget with our guaranteed one cost, flat-rate fee with no unexpected costs or unforseen downtime

    24/7 Security

    Protect your business from malware & ransomware with monitoring for, servers, databases, and workstations.

    24/7 Support

    Anytime something goes wrong contact our experts via email, text, or phone.

    Stay Updated

    Keep your business on the cutting edge with remote installed programs & patch updates.

    Don’t Get Stuck Without IT Consulting In The Bay Area

    Are You Prepared?

    January 2020 is coming faster than you think… Microsoft is ending its support lifecycle for Windows 2008 OS & programs which leaves offices stuck in the past without support & in danger. Fortunately Riverfy has your back!

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    Our IT Support In San Jose Can Provide You Help With:

    Diminished Costs

    VOIP Services

    Dependable Support

    Affordable Compliance

    Security & Disaster Recovery

    Hardware Costs

    Staff Training

    Software Installation

    Disaster Recovery & IT Services For Santa Clara

    Keep your companies data safe & secure in the event of a disaster. Riverfy provide business continuity and disaster recovery planning customized for your business needs. Back up your data & be up and running again fast!



    Industries Our IT Support Services In San Jose

    We utalize state of the art technology to give our clients the most advanced IT Solutions on the market





    Stop wasting time and money on bad IT Support in San Jose.

    Start getting the support you need. Let us handle IT for you.

    Has Your IT Support Failed Your San Jose Business?

    If your business is suffering from improper IT support from your current IT Services provider in San Jose Or Santa Clara you should call Riverfy. Businesses depend on reliable IT Support that can stand with your employees & assist them in the hard work they do do every day Riverfy’s IT support technicians provide complete IT Support & IT Services for San Jose & Santa Clara companies to ensure your business’s continued operations.

    Our experts proactively monitor, plan, and work with you to put your businesses success within reach. We have decades of combined experience helping thousands of large and small businesses  in San Jose, Santa Clara, & throughout the Bay Area to make their technology work for them!


    RIVERFY, IT Support & IT Services for San Jose & Santa Clara

    Riverfy is a IT Support company serving San Jose & Santa Clara focused on meeting the IT Support needs of San Jose businesses. Founded in 2000, Riverfy has established a long history of providing amazing IT Support in San Jose & Santa Clara that help local businesses achieve their goals. Riverfy’s unique blend of service & customer support along with the support of our skilled engineering team has solidified us as the go-to support partner in California.

    Industries Our IT Support Services In San Jose

    We use emerging and sophisticated technologies so we can give out clients the most advanced IT solutions


    Our IT Support Has The Capability And Resources To Deliver Flawless IT Support In San Jose

    Our people have the experience to deliver Managed IT Support, transition to the Cloud, and setup data center services to heavily regulated industries, including finance, healthcare, distribution services, government, professional services, and much more.

    Sometimes the smallest change in your technology can have a significant impact on your business growth positively or negatively. Let Riverfy take charge of your IT Support needs!

    Riverfy has an edge over other IT consulting companies in San Jose because we provide technology solutions that deliver what small and mid-sized businesses need to transform from their IT system from an hindrance to an advantage to their company. Contact us to have our technicians build you an network that matches the requirements of your company today!

    Our IT Support & IT Services Tenants For San Jose & Santa Clara

    With so many different IT Support needs in San Jose & Santa Clara, Riverfy still has the perfect IT Consulting for you, your clients, and all of your San Jose Staff.

    Variable pricing that works for you, guarantees you get the most out of your IT Support for the lowest cost maintaining profitability and your budget.

    Our 24/7 remote and onsite maintenance guarantees your company has complete IT Services coverage for your entire Austin company.

    Riverfy focuses on honing its skill, persistence and diligence, while staying at the forefront of ever changing technology. We strive to provide your company with the greatest and technologically advanced IT support possible. Let Riverfy assist you in running and growing your business quickly and effectively.

    For more information about our IT services, send us an email or call 408-474-0909 today.

    The Case For Choosing Our IT Support In San Jose

    Why Should You Make The Choice For Riverfy?

    Riverfy’s IT Support experts excel in in network maintenance, planning, IT Consultation, Managed Services, IT services and IT support of networks and systems in the San Jose & Santa Clara area.

    Our Experts have decades of experience and offer a full service & support for your network as well as managed support & solutions. Rivefy exists to serve your business to provide IT Support to your company however you want it.

    24/7 Monitoring And Management

    Rapid Response

    Onsite & Remote Support Service

    Highly Trained Helpdesk & Ticketing System

    Live Staff Consultation

    Get IT Services In Santa Clara

    As your on-demand IT Support partner, we’ll support your technology so you can focus on business growth and not your IT Services In San Jose & Santa Clara

    Why Should I Outsource My IT Support In San Jose?

    Efficiency & Cost

    Has your business made a bad technology purchase that was not researched well enough? Did your company purchase a printer that needs more maintenance than you can afford? Have you installed a phone system that you are still paying monthly on? Let Riverfy do the research for you for the most cost-effective solutions to support your business.

    Staffing Responsibilities

    Do you currently have an in-house employee in charge of your IT? Without a Computer Science degree or equivalent experience, this is a very risky method to handle your companies IT IT. Let us handle IT instead.

    Custom Contracts

    Our staff is there for you to provide you with exactly what you need, not to sell you extra service & systems. We have decades of experience managing small & large businesses and can help solve your problems fast.

    New Technology

    Do you have time to research the latest trends in technology? Our Technicians with decades of experience definitely do. When new technology comes out, we can help your business transition.


    Let Riverfy Be The Solution

    Getting inadequate support from your existing IT Support provider in San Jose? Your business needs needs a network that backs up the hard work that your employees do for your company every day – if your network isint cooperating, it’s holding your company back from success.

    Our experienced technicians at Riverfy Provide comprehensive, expert IT Services & IT Support that ensure your San Jose business feels its full benefits. Our productive & strategic planning puts your growth & goals first. We already help hundreds of businesses throughout San Jose & Santa Clara – Turn your IT from a weakenss into the driving force of your company!

    Free IT Support Vulnerability Assessment For San Jose

    Scan your internet-facing infrastructure to discover weaknesses and vulnerabilities.



    Our team has decades of combined experience with a wide educational range, specialties, and technical skill sets. We encourage our employees to learn multiple jobs, meaning the members of Riverfy have skills & abilities that overlap other departments. We cherish our employees and strive to build solid relationships with your employees as well. A partnership with Riverfy is always mutually fulfilling, we are proud to serve companies from all walks of life from both the big, small, public, to private. Our roster boast both local businesses to some of the largest companies in our area.


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