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Imagine an IT support in the East Bay that is responsive, consistent, and makes IT work for you! That is Riverfy. We make sure you receive laser-fast tech support that takes down the root of all your IT troubles.

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Welcome to East Bay

East Bay, a vibrant and dynamic region in California, is known for its thriving business community and innovative spirit. This area, blending a rich history with a forward-thinking mindset, is home to a diverse range of businesses, each with unique IT needs.

As your local IT  support in the East Bay, we understand the pulse of the city and tailor our IT support to meet these distinct requirements. With us by your side, you don't just stay ahead of tech trends. You can use technology to your advantage and meet every need of your employees and customers. 

Choose our IT support in East Bay to make technology work for you

We know picking an IT partner is a big deal for you. That's why when you choose us as your IT support in the East Bay you receive benefits that make your business more efficient, secure, and future-ready.

Reliability you can count on 

Our team ensures your IT systems are always up and running, so you can focus on what you do best.

24/7 customer care

We're here for you day and night, ensuring round-the-clock support for any IT challenge.

Cost-effective solutions

Maximize your IT investment with solutions that are both affordable and high-quality.

Streamlined communication 

With our help, team collaboration and customer interaction become more efficient and effective.

Proactive security measures

Stay ahead of cyber threats with our cutting-edge security and antivirus solutions.

Personalized support

Each business is unique, and so is our service. We adapt to your specific needs and goals.

Features of our IT support

Enjoy these features when you partner with us

Partnering with our IT support in the East Bay means you can enjoy amazing features for each of our IT services. 

  • Comprehensive IT infrastructure
    From networking to hardware, we provide all-encompassing IT infrastructure services.
  • Cloud solutions and optimization
    Leverage the power of the cloud for better flexibility and scalability.
  • Microsoft 365 expertise
    We optimize your use of Microsoft 365, enhancing productivity and collaboration.
  • Expert help desk & support
    Get fast, friendly, and expert assistance for all your IT queries and issues.
  • Data backups & disaster recovery
    Safeguard your valuable data with our reliable backup and recovery services.
  • Virtual CIO Services
    Benefit from strategic IT planning and consulting to drive your business forward.
IT support services in East Bay

Our comprehensive IT support services

No two businesses are the same. That's why our IT support services in the East Bay are tailored to fit the needs of your business.

  • Project planning
    We give strategic guidance for IT initiatives to align with your business goals.
  • Hardware
    We provide essential hardware to optimize your office's tech infrastructure.
  • Cloud solutions
    Our solutions enhance accessibility and efficiency with tailored cloud computing strategies.
  • Telephone and VoIP services
    Upgrading communication systems with advanced, clear, and cost-effective VoIP solutions.
  • Virtual CIO Services
    The strategic IT insights and planning offered by our experts is equal to having an in-house CIO in your team.
  • Microsoft 365 optimization
    Tailoring Microsoft 365 for enhanced productivity and collaboration in your organization.
  • Helpdesk & support
    Our responsive support services are always available to address any IT-related question or issue swiftly.
  • Proactive maintenance
    We constantly monitor and update systems to prevent disruptions and maintain seamless operations.
  • Status monitoring
    Round-the-clock system monitoring to quickly detect and resolve potential issues.
  • Cyber security & anti-virus
    Our robust cybersecurity measures protect your data from online threats.
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
    We ensure the safety of your critical data with reliable backup and rapid recovery solutions.

Industries served

We are proud to serve a diverse range of industries in the East Bay and beyond. Each sector has its unique challenges, and our IT support in the East Bay is equipped to meet them all. 

What to expect

What to expect from our IT support team

When you partner with our IT support in the East Bay, expect a service that's not just about fixing problems, but about foreseeing and preventing them. Our team is dedicated to understanding your business inside out.

This means you can anticipate a service that's proactive, not reactive. From the moment you reach out, you'll find a team eager to learn about your business, ready to provide solutions that are just the right fit.

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Our accreditations are a testament to our commitment to excellence in IT support. We hold accreditations from the following: 

Awards and recognition

Our journey has been marked by a commitment to exceptional IT support, a commitment recognized by several prestigious awards:

  • Awarded "Best IT Services Provider in Silicon Valley" by the SVTech Awards in 2023.
  • Named the "Fastest Growing IT Company" by the FastTrack Awards in 2022.
  • Honored with the "Customer Satisfaction Excellence" title at the IT Excellence Awards in 2021.

Hear what our clients have to say

We're not all talk and our customers prove it! Here's what our satisfied clients have to say after choosing us as their IT support in East Bay: 

Liz Naegele

"There are a ton of IT companies in the Bay Area, but this company is hands-down the best at what they do! The Riverfy team is reliable, quick to respond, friendly and have provided the best customer service I've ever experienced. Do yourself a favor and call these guys up for any and all support needs you might have - you won't regret it!"

Melissa Mitchell

"If I could give them more stars I would. This team is absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable!! We had a complicated situation at our facility where we were trying to get a very old Wire EDM machine ( that pre-dated wifi) hooked up to our computer network and able to transfer files between the two. Paul was at our location and going through the systems with us within the hour. Even though the system was outdated and not the easiest to work with, Paul was able to get us the appropriate hardware and up and running in no time. Absolutely fantastic service. Now that we've experienced the type of service Riverfy provides we'll never go to anyone else for any IT issues."

Contact Riverfy

Ready to talk to an expert? Contact us today!

Are you excited to elevate your IT once and for all? Reach out to us through email ( or form. Our team will walk you toward the most effective path forward. We'll make sure our solutions meet your unique needs and goals.

East Bay's tech landmarks

East Bay is home to esteemed institutions driving the future of tech and business. These landmarks are not just shaping the technological landscape of tomorrow. They're crafting a new era of digital advancement and business acumen.

UC Berkeley College of Engineering

UC Berkeley's College of Engineering is renowned for its pioneering contributions to technology and engineering. Known for its rigorous academic programs and groundbreaking research, the college has played a crucial role in technological advancements, producing alumni who have become leaders in various tech industries.

Silicon Valley Innovation Center

The Silicon Valley Innovation Center is a focal point for technology and entrepreneurship, driving innovation in various sectors. It serves as a bridge between emerging technologies and market realities, fostering collaborations that lead to groundbreaking business solutions and advancements in technology.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A leader in scientific discovery and technological innovation, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory specializes in national security, scientific research, and technological development. The lab is particularly recognized for its work in cybersecurity, nuclear science, and computing, contributing significantly to both national defense and civilian technological advancements.

Satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed

We stand firmly behind the quality of our IT support in the East Bay. We believe in building trust and ensuring satisfaction with every interaction. Our satisfaction guarantee reflects our commitment to providing top-tier IT solutions and customer service.

If you ever feel that our services haven't met your expectations, we promise to work tirelessly to make it right. Our goal is to empower your business with reliable IT support, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of excellent.

Helpful external resources for your organization

In our journey to empower local businesses, we curated a selection of invaluable external resources. These carefully chosen tools and organizations are here to elevate your tech capabilities and enhance your business growth. 

  • Eastbay E-waste
    Eastbay E-waste specializes in responsible and secure electronic recycling across California, ensuring sustainable disposal of obsolete electronics. They offer convenient doorstep pickup services for e-waste, adhering to strict data security and environmental standards.
  • College of Business & Economics - CSUEB
    This college offers comprehensive programs and courses for business owners, focusing on business technology and management. Located in East Bay, it serves the business community with a variety of learning options, including online courses.
  • TechCharities
    TechCharities is committed to aiding families and students by providing affordable computers and essential training. They refurbish donated devices, extending their usability and supporting digital inclusivity.
  • East Bay Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
    The East Bay SBDC provides no-cost, targeted consulting and training to small businesses in the East Bay area, covering a range of business aspects from financing to marketing. Their services are tailored to individual business needs, aiding in various stages from startup to growth.
Recycling and charity

Recycling and charity initiatives

Embracing our role in environmental stewardship, we provide an IT recycling program designed to responsibly manage the disposal of outdated hardware, safeguarding our planet. Additionally, we are committed to enriching our community by supporting local charities and initiatives, allocating a part of our recycling program's proceeds to these vital causes.

Join our team

Need an IT job? Join our team!

We're always on the lookout for passionate and skilled individuals to join our team. Check out our careers page for the latest opportunities. Be a part of a team that values innovation, excellence, and a commitment to providing outstanding IT support in the East Bay.

Redefine what IT means for your business today!

As your local IT support in the East Bay, we have one mission: make your technology an accelerant for your growth. Our IT experts are committed to fulfilling this mission and seeing your business succeed.

Don't let technology intimidate you. Instead, make technology work for you! Are you ready to take the next step towards unparalleled IT support? Simply fill out our form, and let's start a conversation about how we can empower your business. Reach out to Riverfy today!

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Frequently asked questions

What services does Riverfy offer to businesses in Hayward and the surrounding East Bay area?

We provide comprehensive IT support services in Hayward and throughout the East Bay area. Our services include network management, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and more, tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Can you assist with IT support for educational institutions like CSU East Bay?

Absolutely! We offer specialized IT support for educational institutions, including CSU East Bay. Our services cater to the unique needs of faculty, department requirements, and student access to technology.

How do you ensure secure access to our company's server and data?

We prioritize secure access to your company's server and data with advanced cybersecurity measures. This includes regular updates, data encryption, and implementing robust firewalls to safeguard your information.

Do you provide IT support for web-based platforms and applications?

Yes, our team is proficient in managing and supporting web-based platforms and applications. We ensure seamless operation, connectivity, and security for your web infrastructure.

Can you help our company transition to cloud-based systems?

Our experts can guide and support your company in the transition to cloud-based systems. We provide end-to-end assistance, from planning to implementation, ensuring a smooth transition and efficient operation.

What is the cost of your IT support services, and do you offer personalized plans?

The cost of our IT support services varies based on your specific needs. We offer personalized plans to ensure you only pay for what you need, aiming to reduce costs while increasing efficiency.

How do you handle IT support calls and requests?

We manage IT support calls efficiently, with a dedicated team ready to respond and assist. Our goal is to address your concerns promptly and provide effective solutions.

Are you experienced in handling IT needs for the healthcare department of California State University (CSU)?

Yes, we have experience supporting the healthcare industries ensuring compliance with industry standards and secure handling of sensitive data.

Do you offer IT consulting services to help develop and establish IT strategies for businesses?

Yes, we provide IT consulting to help develop and establish comprehensive IT strategies. Our expertise can drive your business's IT efforts, ensuring effective results and long-term success.