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Welcome to Riverfy, your reliable partner for IT support in Mountain View. With our trusted and experienced team, we provide top-notch service that ensures the smooth operation of your technology infrastructure, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

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Why Choose Us?

Super-Fast Response Time

We give excellent IT help to Mountain View, CA companies, and more. We're super fast. We respond within 5 minutes. This speed means we fix your IT problems quickly and well.

Lots of Know-How

We've worked with many industries for over 10 years. This shows we can change and grow in the ever-changing tech world.

Happy Client Reviews

We're proud of our 99% satisfaction rate from our clients. This shows our promise to give great service and solutions.

A Full Menu of Services

We do many different things, from managed IT services to cybersecurity and anti-virus to cloud solutions. We keep businesses in Mountain View and beyond running smoothly and safely.

A scenic view of IT supports Mountain View, a vibrant city in the heart of Silicon Valley.

IT Support Mountain View, A Silicon Valley Gem

Mountain View, California, has a strong community in the middle of Silicon Valley. More than 80,000 people live in Mountain View. It's a great place for mid-sized businesses.

Recently, there's been a lot of digital growth in the area. In 2019, Data USA reported that the professional and tech services in Mountain View grew earnings by 4.06%. This was faster than other industries in the area.

Why Pick Riverfy?

Always ready

In business, time is important. We get that. We can respond within 5 minutes. This means we fix your issues fast.

Stopping problems before they start

Our company sees IT problems before they happen. We stop things that could slow down your business.

Trustworthy expertise

Our team has been sharpening its skills since 2012. You can trust us to manage your IT management.

Help all day, every day

Our tech experts are here to help you, day or night. Our 24/7 helpdesk and support are always here for you!

Made just for you

Each business is unique. Our IT support Mountain View matches your specific needs and industry rules.

You can count on us

We keep 99% of our customers. This shows you can trust us to keep your IT systems running as they should.

A customized IT support service package designed specifically for your business needs

The Great Things About Our IT Help

  • Identifies IT issues fast
    We do more than fix issues. We find them and stop them. This saves your business time and money.
  • Dedicated tech experts
    Our team has great skills. They are always ready to give excellent customer service.
  • Full IT management
    We handle all your IT needs, from hardware to cloud solutions. This lets you focus on your main business.
  • Custom services
    We give customized IT support. This is true whether you're a healthcare provider, a government office, or a business.
  • Virtual CIO
    Our vCIO services make your IT match your business goals. This helps you plan and grow.
  • Data backups and disaster recovery
    Your data is safe with us. We give great cyber security and data recovery services. You won't need to worry about losing data or having it stolen.

Remember, good IT support isn't just about fixing problems. It's about stopping them before they start.

A customized IT support service package designed specifically for your business needs.

IT Support Mountain View Services Tailored for Your Business

Look no further. We offer a comprehensive range of IT services tailored to your unique needs. Explore these key services:

Serving Various Industries

We cater to various industries, each with unique IT challenges. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of:

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What Do you Get with Riverfy's IT Support in Mountain View?

Choosing us means you'll have a team of experts who are always ready to help. We offer quick and reliable IT help right in Mountain View.

We know your business is unique. So we provide IT help that fits your needs. This lets you run your business smoothly. And we promise to work with you to ensure your IT is always up and running.

A collection of badges and trophies symbolizing our proud achievements.

Our Proud Achievements

We're committed to being excellent. This commitment has earned us several important titles. They include:

An image displaying awards and positive testimonials from satisfied clients.

Awards and Praise

We are recognized for our excellent service. We're also known for our creative solutions and dedication to our client's success.

Surely, we're proud of these achievements. But they're just the result of our main goal. We want to help your company succeed and grow.

In the end, your success is the best praise we can get.

What Our Clients Say

Liz Naegele

"There are a ton of IT companies in the Bay Area, but this company is hands-down the best at what they do! The Riverfy team is reliable, quick to respond, friendly and have provided the best customer service I've ever experienced. Do yourself a favor and call these guys up for any and all support needs you might have - you won't regret it!"

Melissa Mitchell

"If I could give them more stars I would. This team is absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable!! We had a complicated situation at our facility where we were trying to get a very old Wire EDM machine ( that pre-dated wifi) hooked up to our computer network and able to transfer files between the two. Paul was at our location and going through the systems with us within the hour. Even though the system was outdated and not the easiest to work with, Paul was able to get us the appropriate hardware and up and running in no time. Absolutely fantastic service. Now that we've experienced the type of service Riverfy provides we'll never go to anyone else for any IT issues."

Fun Tech Places Near Mountain View


Google's main office is right in Mountain View. It's a place for tech lovers and creators. It shows off the vibrant tech scene in our area.

Computer History Museum

Just a quick 10-minute drive from Mountain View, this museum in Santa Clara shows computers' fast growth and rich history. This is a field we're proud to be part of.

Stanford University's School of Engineering

Known for promoting creativity, Stanford University's School of Engineering has helped the tech industry a lot. Many of its students have become leaders in IT companies all over California.

A collection of useful resources and tools for IT support Mountain View and technology-related topics.

Our Happiness Promise

Our company aims for excellence in every interaction. That's why we offer a Happiness Promise.

We promise to improve if our service doesn't meet your expectations. We're not just offering IT help. We're offering peace of mind.

Helpful Resources Near IT Support Mountain View

A diverse group of IT support Mountain View professionals working together, inviting others to join our team.

Recycling and Giving Back

We are committed to being green. We offer a complete electronic waste recycling program. But that’s not all. We also work with certified e-recycling centers to properly dispose of old tech without hurting the environment.

We also actively support local charities and nonprofits, promoting a giving and community engagement culture.

Join Our Team

Interested in being part of a dynamic, committed team? Check out our current opportunities on our careers page. We’re always looking for passionate professionals who can help us deliver unparalleled IT support services in Mountain View and beyond.

Frequent Questions About IT Support Mountain View

How do you help businesses in Mountain View?

We offer fully managed IT services to help businesses in Mountain View. This includes managing security, technical help, and IT project management. We aim to keep your tech setup efficient. This lets your employees react quickly and spend more time on main tasks.

What does your customer program give?

Our customer program provides excellent support for businesses in Mountain View and nearby areas. Our executive team has years of experience. We handle your IT problems, update your systems, and ensure a safe space for your business applications.

Can your tech support help hospitals and medical offices?

Our managed IT services are great for hospitals and medical offices. We know these places' importance and offer technical support to ensure they run smoothly. Our support team is always available for emergency help, whether you're having computer issues or need help with software applications.

Do you offer support in Mountain View for families needing tech help?

We are sorry, but we exclusively provide IT support services to businesses in Mountain View and do not cater to families seeking tech assistance.

Can your team help with tech updates and provide resources?

Our company makes sure your tech is always up to date. Our service includes regular system and application updates.  This ensures you always have the latest features and security upgrades. We also offer helpful resources and training to your staff to improve their tech skills.

How can employees use your support services?

Employees can use our support services through our ticket system. Simply log in, submit a request, and our team will respond quickly. We also offer phone support for urgent issues.

How does your company help create a better tech environment in Mountain View?

We're committed to creating a better tech environment in Mountain View. We work with local businesses and institutions, offer fair prices for our services, and always strive to give excellent customer service. Our goal is to help businesses succeed with the right tech support.

IT Support Mountain View: The Next Step Is up to You!

Understanding the tech world can be tough. But with Riverfy, it doesn't have to be.

How we welcome our new customers:

One Of The Best Computer Repair Services In Santa Clara

Step one:

First, we have a detailed IT chat with you. Our IT pros meet with you to learn about your business goals and problems.

We also check out your current IT setup. We look at the tech you use, find ways to improve it, and spot any risks. This helps us make an IT plan just for you.

24/7 Computer Support Help Desk

Step two:

Next, our team makes an IT plan just for your business. This could include new hardware or software.

It could also include cloud solutions or ways to keep your data safe. We ensure our plan fits your business goals, gives you a good return on your investment, and lets you grow.

Our Customer Service Is Without Parallel

Step three:

The last step is setting up your new IT plan without disrupting your business. We teach your staff how to use the new tech.

Our help doesn't stop there. We monitor your systems, update them regularly, and stop problems before they happen. We're always here to answer any questions.


Our team of experts is ready and eager to help your business succeed. The IT support you need is just a call or click away.

Don't let tech problems slow you down. Get peace of mind today. Get your IT support in Mountain View from a team that truly cares about your success.

Let our company be your trusted IT partner. Together, we can tackle any tech problem that comes your way.

Ready to start your journey with Riverfy? Contact us at (408) 474 0909 or fill up our form!

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