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Riverfy offers a full suite of IT and digital transformation services tailored to your industry and unique business needs. Unlock your potential, improve technology performance, and work smartly to achieve your ambitions.

Save employees time with our IT services

Get end-to-end user support aligned to your specific needs and get complete control over your technology - don't let it control you!

Digital transformation services

Align your IT environment with your business goals to improve your business performance, increase customer satisfaction, limit human error, increase agility, and more.

Managed IT support

Have complete peace of mind with Riverfy's 24/7 friendly and flexible managed IT support services and take away your IT headaches once and for all.

Cyber security services

Assess your cyber security protection and close gaps to protect important data and prevent hackers from penetrating your systems. Let us help you navigate your cyber security journey.

Cloud solutions

Migrate to the cloud without hassle or optimize the current cloud to get the most out of your monthly subscription and your cloud infrastructure.

Backup recovery services

Run your business with complete peace of mind knowing that your data is frequently backed up, securely stored, and available whenever you need it.

Disaster recovery services

No matter what happens, run your vital business operations and let us get your business back on its feet as quickly as possible.

Infrastructure as a service

Run your infrastructure in the cloud and experience total freedom, flexibility, and reliability - pay only for things you need and use.

Microsoft 365 services

We are a Microsoft gold partner who can help you improve your business productivity, mobility, security, and collaboration capabilities.

World-Class Technical Support

Customized business IT solutions

With 35 years of combined IT experience, we have seen it all. We have worked with many different types of IT customers who are in different industries and have different budget levels. This is why we always craft an IT plan and budget for every single customer to help them get the most out of their technology and the best value for their money.

We Provide Core Infrastructure Technology Services

Personal user support

We provide remote and on-site support, and unlike most repair shops, we have a strong emphasis on explanation and making things work smoothly for years to come.

Benefits of our IT support services

There are many reasons to outsource your small business IT support needs to us:

More cost-effective

You get expertise and instant support at a fixed monthly rate without any hidden fees.

More focused team

Lift the burden off your employees' shoulders and let them focus on value-driven projects.

Knowledge and experience

We provide our teams with the necessary resources to expand their knowledge.

Improve productivity

When things work like a well-oiled machine - you have nothing to worry about.

Things to look for in a managed services provider

When looking for IT support services Santa Clara, there are a few key things to consider to ensure that you choose the right provider for your business.

 Network Support Professionals

Experience and expertise:

Look for a provider that has experience working with companies in your industry and expertise in the specific services you need. This can help ensure that the provider has the knowledge and skills to support your business effectively.

One Of The Best Computer Repair Services In Santa Clara

Proactive approach:

A good managed services provider should take a proactive approach to manage your IT infrastructure. This means they should constantly monitor your systems and networks to identify potential issues before they become problems, and they should have the plan to deal with any issues that arise.

24/7 Computer Support Help Desk

24/7 support:

One of the key benefits of using a managed services provider is the ability to access support whenever you need it. Look for a provider that offers 24/7 support, so you can get help whenever you need it.

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As your business grows and changes, your IT needs will evolve as well. Look for a managed services provider that offers scalable solutions, so you can easily add or remove services as needed.

Keep Your Technology Resources Effective


Cyber security is a critical concern for businesses of all sizes. Look for a managed services provider that has a strong focus on security and can help you protect your systems and data from potential threats.


Every business is unique, and your IT needs may be different from those of other companies in your industry. Look for an MSP that offers customizable solutions, so you can get the specific services you need to support your business.

Keep your business running 24/7 without worrying about IT headaches

Let the experts from Riverfy manage your IT systems, so you can focus on more important things.
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