Managing diverse technologies and dealing with multiple vendors can be a daunting process at times. Outsourcing your IT entirely to Riverfy can help you tie up your loose ends by having one single point of accountability for all IT issues, including third party vendor management. We along with our seasoned team of professionals will be responsible and accountable for your technology planning as well as administration.

Our proactive technology services include deployment of tools and techniques that manage and monitor your entire technical infrastructure to ensure management and regular restore testing of a backup solution, compliance with various industry standard system maintenance, scheduling of patch updates for your servers and desktops and generation of automated detailed reports on the performance of your system.

Less Downtime

Our remote monitoring system lets us know about problems with your network environment before they affect you. The rigorous monitoring and 24x7 support ensures minimum downtime.

Fewer Disruptions

Our automated systems generate reports on items that threaten the performance, security, or integrity of your network environment thereby, leaving ample time for preventive measures to be undertaken and little room for fatal problems.

Network Protection

We install and maintain anti-spy and virus software on all covered PC’s thereby, ensuring you stay up to date and always protected against Internet threats.

Integrated and Secure Infrastructure

Microsoft releases updates regularly in the form of patches. Our systems monitor your site computers continuously and automatically deploy the updates - allowing clients to run the most current and secure tested versions. This process repairs the system of any possible vulnerability and keeps them immune of any malicious attacks.

Access to ECS

Gain insight into company’s processes and documentation with our Enterprise Collaboration System (ECS). The system is used to administer technology and collaborate with your organization in an efficient manner.