Grow, Manage & Protect Your Business With Help From Riverfy

Managed IT Services

With mobility, cloud, big data and social collaboration changing the way work gets done, enterprises today are challenged to innovate and redesign business models to adapt to the rapid IT transformations. To sustain the unprecedented competitive pressures and market uncertainty, business owners simply can’t afford to fall behind in embracing the technological advancements. However, their ability to act is often limited by the technical workload, subject expertise and budget-related restrictions which can have a significant bearing on their business growth.

Technology Consulting

IT has touched every sphere of life and is the backbone of the modern-day businesses. To ensure business objectives are met effectively and efficiently using IT systems, we define, design and execute IT strategies that integrate seamlessly in the existing system and accelerate business growth. Along with managing, administering, deploying and implementing IT systems, we stringently monitor the business processes in the light of enhanced technology to make sure the results are in tune with the business overall goals.

Proactive Technology Management

We provide support for your entire IT infrastructure from the ground up. As opposed to standard break/fix contract that leaves your system haywire when a disruption happens, deploying our proactive monitoring system on your network ensures that problems are detected and resolved often before you are even aware there was an issue. This keeps your business functioning smoothly without experiencing unproductive downtime.

Understanding Focous

At Riverfy, we work along with clients to understand their needs and offer tailored solution that best meet their unique business challenges. Rather than delivering just the typical cost savings to our clients through implementation of globalization, process efficiency, and productivity, we endeavor to add value to their business by focusing on optimization, transformation, flexibility and continuous improvement.

As part of this service, we also offer to undertake a total audit of the infrastructure to ensure your network is configured optimally so you have the best technology implementation that you deserve.

Network Administration

Whether it’s resolving any network issues or preparing your infrastructure for network innovations in security, cloud, mobility and big data, we provide the best of the best in network administration. The software integrated tools and best practices are deployed and a technology checklist is prepared to make sure everything stays-in-line and that you are in control and confident of your computer infrastructure.

Reactive Support Services

No matter how big or small your problem is; we have a dedicated staff whose only job is to address reactive support issues so you get fast response and the assurance of someone working your problems through to completion without any unnecessary interruptions. From a dedicated service team, remote/on-site support, third-party application support to answering your 'How To' questions, we deliver support how, when and where you want.