4 Qualities of Good Backups You Can Expect from an IT Support Provider in San Jose

4 Qualities of Good Backups You Can Expect from an IT Support Provider in San Jose

For providers of IT support in San Jose, having backups is not enough. What organizations need are high-quality backups with the following qualities:

1) Tested

To ensure backups will restore all lost data in a timely manner after an emergency, they should be tested at regular intervals. You wouldn't want to waste time troubleshooting in the middle of a crisis, especially with the clock ticking. Backups should also be tested whenever there are changes to the applications and systems your organization uses. Even the smallest change may have an effect on how your backups perform. Your disaster recovery and business continuity plan should cover the schedules and procedures for testing.

2) Optimal backups

Do you need a backup of everything from systems to configurations, or do you need just backups for your data? Do you need a full backup or incremental backup? Do you need local backups or offsite backups? These are only a few questions you need to ask when figuring out which type of backup your organization needs. The good thing is that here's where a reliable provider of IT support in San Jose comes in handy. With their expertise, they'll help you figure out the right answers.

3) Updated

Depending on the industry they're in, some organizations can afford to lose a day's data, while others can't afford to lose even just an hour. Of course, backing up more often is more expensive, but prevention is still worth a pound of cure because the cost of data loss often surpasses the cost of updated backups. The important thing is to determine just how updated your backups need to be. You don't have to over-backup when your organization doesn't need to.

4) Secure

Cybercriminals won't bother hacking into a system if they know they can easily get to its backups. Unfortunately, many organizations still don't realize that. They fortify their systems' security but don't pay as much attention to their backups. To avoid experiencing a breach through your backups, make sure they're password-protected, access-restricted, and encrypted. Also ensure to take care of physical security by monitoring ingress and egress points, as well as putting an intrusion detection system in place, among other measures.For backups that fit the criteria, you can't go wrong with Riverfy, one of the best providers of IT support in San Jose. We've been delivering a wide variety of IT services in the Bay Area to different organizations for more than 20 years, so rest assured that we know what we're doing--- and we do it well. Contact us today to get more details.