Asking a Potential IT Support Provider in San Jose the Right Questions

Asking a Potential IT Support Provider in San Jose the Right Questions

No Questions, No Answers

IT support providers in San Jose commonly provide diverse options for many different businesses, but there are unique needs that must be considered for certain operations. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in IT. For the best fit, you'll need to know what the option you're considering can provide. This will require asking a few key questions.

Making The Most Of The Questions You Ask

Some questions won't do you much good. Pricing inquiries are important, but they're not as important as value which comes from provided services. So, you need to ask about that, and you also would be well-advised to consider the following lines of inquiry:

References Are Absolutely Integral - Be Sure to Ask for Them

If an IT provider can't provide any references from satisfied customers, that's not a good sign. You should be able to get references without much hassle, and these should be from customers who are similar in nature to your own business.

Ask If The IT Option You're Considering Has Served Customers in Your Industry

The IT support provider in San Jose in question should either presently serve, or have a history of serving, industries like yours. If they've never done anything for a business that's similar, then you'll be the one with whom they break new ground. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it does means there will be mistakes made that would be avoidable with other options.

Inquire How the MSP You're Considering Will Keep Employees from Compromising Data

It's not enough merely to have comprehensive services. There must be protections internally and externally. If there aren't, then the new IT solutions you acquire could open you up to unforeseen vulnerabilities from within. Anticipate this in advance by inquiring how the candidate MSP will keep your staff from misusing their services.

Be Sure You Ask What Sort of Things Are Done In The Event Of Your Network Being Compromised

Network compromise happens from without and within. There's no way to prevent it, the best you can do is anticipate it. Now there is network monitoring which can quarantine computers or servers which may have anomalous activity. There are antivirus options, firewall solutions, and segmentation solutions. There are also backup options. Even so, totally anticipating all events compromising your network is impossible. You need to know if the MSP you're considering can get the job done even if traditional preventative measures are eschewed by cybercriminals.

When You Ask the Right Questions, You Get the Right Answers

You can ask us at Riverfy about your IT support questions for your business in San Jose, including those explored here. We'll provide you references, demonstrate how we've served customers like you before or even now, detail carefully how we will protect your network, and demonstrate what steps are taken in the event of an emergency. Contact us now for more information.