Avoid Common and Developing Cyber Threats with IT Support in San Jose

Avoid Common and Developing Cyber Threats with IT Support in San Jose

IT support in San Jose is fundamental in helping your business stay effective in a sustainable way. Cybercrime is a multi-trillion-dollar industry comparable to "public" or "legal" IT markets. Small businesses are routinely targeted owing to their vulnerability.

Common Threats to Prepare For

IT consulting experts in Bay Area can help you manage security, facilitate backup solutions off-site, and monitor operations. A number of threats they'll likely advise you additionally prepare for include the following:

  • Cryptojacking
  • Phishing generated via AI
  • Malware aimed at mobile devices


A new scam to pay attention to is called cryptojacking. Essentially, hackers install, through varying malware injection methods, a means of "bitcoin mining." This slows down your network and costs you collaterally. You've got to plan against cryptojacking and have monitoring apparatuses in place to identify and rebuff it.

Phishing Generated Via AI

IT support firms in San Jose had to increase their defense parameters to include phishing as generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Essentially, phishing scams try to mimic internal personnel as a means of sidestepping protocols related to financial transactions or information. Now, AI bots are sending emails in an automated way. Hackers cut down their work time and play the numbers through AI phishing.

Malware Aimed at Mobile Devices

IT consulting experts in Bay Area can help you avoid being impacted by malware. Cryptojacking software, ransomware, spyware, adware, and Trojan viruses are all clear and present dangers to any company that has an IT network. However, since mobile devices have outpaced desktop devices for internet utility, hackers are targeting them specifically now. You've got to have anti-malware solutions in place for your mobile IT.

Deferring Unnecessary Cybercrime Costs

IT support in San Jose through Riverfy can inform you pertaining to malware infection reduction on mobile devices, with regards to AI-generated phishing, and even pertaining to anti-cryptojacking strategies. Contact us for more information on the sort of threats that are impacting the market today and some recommended ways you can protect your business against them.