Avoid Phishing Scams with IT Services in Santa Clara

Avoid Phishing Scams with IT Services in Santa Clara

The rise in phishing scams is a severe problem, and it is critical to partner with IT services company in Santa Clara that specializes in providing the ultimate IT security. As you know, phishing happens whenever you receive an email that is trying to gain personal information, typically related to your finances. These emails are cleverly written and pretend to be from a reputable source, whether it is a bank or a credit card company. Here are a few ways that you can identify these deceiving emails and avoid becoming the next victim of these schemes:

Asking for Personal Information

Always remember that a bank or any other financial institution will never send you an email asking for your personal information. If you receive an email asking for any personal information, it should be an automatic red flag, and it is best to delete it or send it to the spam folder immediately. Always remind employees of this rule because it only takes one careless employee to fall victim to this common scheme.

Misspellings of URL

Another standard feature in phishing scams is that the URL will be created to look similar to the genuine website. Usually, it will be the same name with maybe one less letter or a different spelling. Always look closely at the URL and avoid clicking on it if it seems suspicious. Another common tactic of these cyber criminals is that they will disguise the URL, which will lead you to an entirely different site. The best way to identify a disguised URL is to right-click on the URL and paste it into a notepad application. The pasted address will reveal the identity of the link, but it is important to remember never to paste the link into the web browser, as it will lead you directly to the fraudulent site. Contacting IT services company in Santa Clara can help you identify a suspicious email and it is just another layer of IT security.

Attachments & Images

The use of images and attachments is another common theme found in these malicious emails. Typically, it is never a good idea to open an email with an attachment unless you completely trust the source. Even if it is a trusted source, using a virus scanner can ensure that the email attachment is safe to open. It is also a good idea to delete the email if the main message consists of only an image, as these typically lead you to a website that can harm your computer or steal your identity.The use of IT services in Santa Clara can help your business avoid these phishing schemes and keep your business protected through the latest IT security methods. Riverfyis a managed service provider that helps companies stay safe and protected from the ever-increasing amount of cyber threats. Our IT staff members are trained to identify any unusual activity and will give you the assistance you need in today's work environment. If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to contact us and we will guide you on the many benefits of partnering with an IT provider that cares about the safety and security of your company.