Benefits of a Next-Generation Firewall from IT Services Providers in Santa Clara

Benefits of a Next-Generation Firewall from IT Services Providers in Santa Clara

In this age of rampant cyber-attacks, your business can’t afford to be still using outdated firewall protection. Small companies all the way to major international companies have all had their networks affected by hackers. With IT services in Santa Clara, you can make sure your business network is adequately protected with a next-generation firewall.There are a number of benefits to having this kind of firewall:

Proactive Application Monitoring

With so much of your business happening over the internet and being connected to the internet, there are many ports of entry for a potential cyber-attack. It is not the time to wait for an attack to happen before you take stock of the applications in your IT systems and network. With a next-generation firewall, you get proactive monitoring of your applications, allowing you to stay ahead of any threats and dangers. You can even set this monitoring down to the user level so that if any suspicious activity is detected, you can act on it early on.

Better Control of Your Mobile Devices

Most businesses today have a large number of connected mobile devices. There are many benefits of this for an increasingly mobile and flexible workforce, but there are also some additional security risks associated with this expansion as well. Mobile devices can be lost, accessed by unauthorized people, and infected by viruses and bugs. With a next-generation firewall, your mobile devices are covered as well. Experienced IT support providers in Santa Clara can set you up with better mobile device control. You can keep track of who is on your network and what kind of activity is being done on there. This can allow your business to tap into the advantages of mobile devices and mitigate most of the risks as well.


The IT and networking space is constantly changing and adding new features. Your business needs a firewall program that can give you wide protection in this rapidly changing environment. With the right IT services in Santa Clara, you can stay ahead of any new developments in this area. Where traditional firewalls no longer cut it, a next-generation firewall can give you well-rounded protection.Riverfy offers advanced IT services in Santa Clara to help businesses keep their IT departments in the best shape. If you are interested in a next-generation firewall or any of our other IT support service, get in touch with us.