Benefits of Penetration Testing with IT Consulting in the Bay Area

Benefits of Penetration Testing with IT Consulting in the Bay Area

With IT consulting services in the Bay Area, you can be sure of thorough and effective penetration testing for your business system. Also referred to as white hat hacking, penetration testing is akin to having a bunch of good guys attack your system to test vulnerabilities that a criminal would exploit in your business computer system, network, or application. Common loopholes include code errors, bugs, configuration setting mistakes, and operational gaps.

Who Needs Penetration Testing?

For black hat hackers, data is a valuable asset, especially if your business handles clients’ personal and financial information. Penetration testing, other than ensuring your customers’ data is secure from criminals, solidifies your reliability and trustworthiness as a business. Peak points for the testing are after:

  • New threat discovery
  • New network infrastructure installation or addition
  • Business facility relocation
  • Confirmation of a new or modified end-user policy
  • Security patches implementation

How Does It Benefit Your Company?

Effective and thorough penetration testing, especially for the above scenarios, is crucial. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Evaluate security investment and threat detection - Penetration tests assess your current security system's capability to thwart possible attacks and identify possible breach points. IT consulting firms in the Bay Area can give you an independent view of your existing security processes and configuration management. The test report offers a review of the efficacy of the current system, required improvements, and a security investment evaluation.
  • Compliance - As regulations get tighter and penalties heftier on data protection and consumer rights, you should check on your business’ compliance standpoint. The threat landscape is becoming more complex daily. You need to monitor and manage your vulnerabilities. Penetration testing by IT services providers in the Bay Area, adept at existing system auditing and security regulations, ensure that your business is compliant by testing all facets in relation to established good practices.
  • Sidestep network and service downtime - Network downtime, disruptions in service delivery, server unavailability and security breaches are expensive for your business. They lead to low employee output, erodes your customers’ trust in your services, reduces revenue, and often leads to legal issues. Thorough penetration testing assures you of business continuity, thus preventing financial setbacks by detecting possible loopholes, employing risk assessment measures and circumventing vulnerabilities.


A system security breach risks your business, clients, and partners, and often leads to litigation, financial ruin, and loss of business. In most cases, financial recuperation and restoring customer loyalty, especially for small to medium-sized businesses, is difficult. Therefore, partnering with an IT consulting firm in the Bay Area for expert testing and support is crucial to your business operations. At Riverfy, we will perform a thorough penetration testing of your business systems, followed by a comprehensive report and follow-up mitigation measures. For more information, contact us today.