Common Digital Security Challenges and How Our IT Services Team in Santa Clara Can Help

Common Digital Security Challenges and How Our IT Services Team in Santa Clara Can Help

When it comes to workplace security, most people think burglary, employee theft, and other physical actions are the primary challenges. However, as we move into an era centered on advanced technology, emerging workplace security issues are now digital in nature. Unfortunately, plenty of business owners, managers and employees do not recognize these digital threats and fail to prepare for them accordingly. Below, our IT services team in Santa Clara explains the top digital and physical security challenges in modern workplaces.

Employees Falling Prey to Social Hackers

There is a common misconception that employee use of social media in the marketplace is completely harmless. However, employees who aren't tech-savvy have the potential to be victimized by phishing schemes and other forms of manipulation. The sad truth is the most significant data breach risk is within your organization. From employees clicking malicious links to opening emails from unknown senders, downloading shady-looking files, phishing manipulation schemes and beyond, your team has the potential to fall into innumerable traps.The bottom line is it is only a matter of time until your team is duped by a cyber scammer. The solution is to properly train your team to recognize and proactively combat the aforementioned threats. Tap into the power of IT services experts in Santa Clara and your team will have the training and knowledge necessary to combat workplace security issues.

Improper Use of Personal Devices in the Workplace

There is no reason for your organization to cover the cost of providing every single employee with a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone. It is better to let employees use their own devices for work-related purposes. This approach minimizes overhead expenses while ensuring employees are completely familiar with the nuances of their computing devices.However, allowing employees to use their own devices without a comprehensive BYOD policy in place sets your organization up for failure. BYOD is an acronym that stands for "bring your own device". Set guidelines for employee use of personal devices for work purposes with the help of our IT support team in Santa Clara and you will have done your part to mitigate risk.

Tangible Security Threats are Still a Challenge

Though physical security threats are no longer as common nor worrisome as they used to be, they still exist. There is the potential for employees to steal from their employer. There is also a chance a burglar will break into the office and pilfer costly tech tools ranging from servers to computers, printers, networking equipment and beyond.You will rest that much easier after you install a CCTV surveillance system. Do a little bit of research before committing to a specific surveillance system. Ensure this system is fully compliant with the nuanced requirements of your industry, test it out to ensure full functionality and post signage in highly visible areas indicating on-site activity is being monitored by CCTV surveillance.

Riverfy is at Your Service!

It is clear there are myriad digital security challenges in the modern-day workplace. The number of problems will only continue to increase as we rapidly transition to a future characterized by advanced technology. Our IT services team in Santa Clara is here to help you ward off digital security threats. Reach out to us to find out more about our tech services and schedule a consultation.