Cryptojacking and Ways Shared by Our IT Consulting Team in the Bay Area to Prevent It

Cryptojacking and Ways Shared by Our IT Consulting Team in the Bay Area to Prevent It

Though few people are aware of it, evildoers are compromising websites through tactics similar to the now infamous-ransomware and other forms of digital poison to access computers and ultimately use those machines to mine cryptocurrencies. Thankfully, it is possible to stop such “cryptojacking” with the assistance of our IT consulting team in the Bay Area.

Cryptojacking Defined

Cryptojacking is the unauthorized use of another person's computer for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency. Cryptojacking is performed by convincing the target to click a malicious link within an email that subsequently loads cryptomining code on the targeted computer or infecting an internet ad or website with code that executes on its own after being loaded into the target's browser. The cryptomining code operates in the background while the target uses his or her computer as usual. The only indication of cryptojacking is a slower performance or lag when executing certain commands on the computer. When in doubt, ask our IT consulting team in the Bay Area for assistance in identifying cryptojacking and implementing the proper defenses to prevent interruptions.

Cryptojacking Prevention Strategies

You are not defenseless against cryptojacking. Mix in some cryptojacking education in your company's security awareness training, and you will be a step ahead of the game. Zero in on educating your employees about the phishing-style attempts to load scripts onto targets' computers. This way, if tech protections fail, well-trained employees just might notice the signs of a potential attack and refrain from clicking, downloading, opening certain messages, etc. It will also help to install a web browser extension that combats cryptomining and blocks ads as cryptojacking scripts are frequently delivered by way of internet ads.Endpoint protection will also help detect crypto miners. Certain antivirus software vendors implement crypto miner detection within their offerings for your convenience. It will also help to keep your company's web filtering tools updated. If you pinpoint a website that provides cryptojacking scripts, do not let users access it once more. Furthermore, some such attacks are made through browser extensions or by way of poisoning seemingly legit extensions to carry out cryptomining scripts. Do not worry about implementing these digital safeguards on your own. Our IT services experts in the Bay Area can lend assistance so your business continues operating like a well-oiled machine.If you are not prepared for cryptojacking and other digital threats, it is only a matter of time until your organization is victimized. Our IT consulting team in the Bay Area is here to help you prevent cryptojacking as well as other digital threats. If you have any questions, concerns or IT needs, reach out to us Riverfy!