Ditch the Break/Fix model with IT Consulting Services in the Bay Area

Ditch the Break/Fix model with IT Consulting Services in the Bay Area

IT consulting firms in the Bay Area have helped many businesses transition from the inept break/fix IT concept.Break/fix is slowly becoming outdated. Businesses that operate on a break/fix model only call an IT provider after something breaks and needs to be fixed. This means the model is not viable in offering the required level of reliability and consistency customers need.Today, many businesses are adopting the managed IT service program that proactively repairs any IT hurdles before a critical failure occurs.As new technology emerges, businesses grapple with the greater complexity of their IT requirements.More companies are opting to partner with managed service providers (MSPs) to keep up with the new technology and maintain their networks and systems.MSPs provide a high level of reliability by offering IT repairs and maintenance services at a small monthly fee.

Difference Between Break/Fix and Managed Services

A break/fix IT service works with your business only when an IT issue strike. An IT expert comes to your business to examine the system problems. They then provide on-premise solutions and charge for the services rendered during that period.Contrarily, managed services are zealous. The provider handles all your business networks, monitors the devices, and responds instantly to any issues in your system.MSPs keep your business ahead of any possible repairs or system upgrades. Here, you only pay for a fixed amount of IT services for your business in the Bay Area monthly.

So, why are businesses switching from break/fix IT models to managed services?

Reliability - With MSPs, you can plan and budget for your yearly IT repair and maintenance expenditures.This is unlike the break/fix model, where you only know the amount you are supposed to pay for your IT services once they are done. Even if it is past your budget, you will have to pay for IT repair and upgrade on as-needed-basis.• Minimal Downtime - You require steadfast, cost-effective IT management solutions. A few hours of downtime can create mayhem in your overall business productivity. This affects your profits and customer relations.When systems are down, your business comes to a halt. If you work with a break/fix provider, you have to wait for the technician to come and repair your systems. If the technician is unfamiliar with your network system, it may take days, meaning more losses.IT consulting experts understand the intricacies and operations of your network on a personal level. They provide preventive measures by monitoring your systems frequently for any hurdles, which keeps your system more reliable.• Cost-Effective - The break/fix IT concept can be expensive because the IT professionals charge hourly. If your IT issue is complex, you will pay more.The longer it takes for them to identify and fix the problem, the more it will cost you.Partnering with IT consulting experts in the Bay Area is cost-effective since you only pay a fixed amount monthly.Break/fix It models are becoming obsolete. At Riverfy, we are an IT consulting firm in the Bay Area that provides managed IT services tailored to your business needs. Get in touch with us to learn more and to know more about our services.