How an IT Services Provider in Santa Clara Can Help You Secure Your BYOD Solution

How an IT Services Provider in Santa Clara Can Help You Secure Your BYOD Solution

A Cost-Effective Innovation

IT services in Santa Clara can play a fundamental part in helping you successfully unroll your BYOD solution. If you're unfamiliar, BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device, and it is an infrastructural innovation made possible through cloud computing and associated services. Basically, users who would previously be "chained" in the obligatory sense to a cubicle and a desktop can now work on their laptops from anywhere.This saves the company for whom they work the hassle of tech maintenance, as well as the costs of rental space. Meanwhile, workers are more productive and are also more satisfied with their work. However, there are downsides, chiefly in terms of security. With a team of individuals working on disparate teams through disparate networks to access your cloud computing DaaS (Desktop as a Service) platform, there is ample opportunity for data leakage, as well as outright intrusion. Following are several tips to help you avoid such issues:

  • Design a very strong policy of security
  • Ensure employees receive proper training
  • Be diligent about keeping data leaks from happening
  • Ensure proper support exists

A Strong Policy of Security

IT services in Santa Clara can help you identify vulnerabilities and close them off before cybercriminals are able to exploit them. One example is unknown Wi-Fi networks. Make it a policy that whenever your employees are working outside of your company's internet penumbra, they can only use approved networks. You can make it so that employees send a network to your business's MSP support solution, so they can verify it and add it to a list of approved sources if you like. There are many different ways to go about this. However, you want to be as secure as possible, and the right MSP can advise you in this regard.

Ensure Employees Receive Proper Training

It's not enough that you have the best possible security policies enacted. Your employees must understand what's at stake, which means you need to train them. There should also be regular mandatory training courses. If you can't do these courses via attendance, then you need to have YouTube videos and the like that employees can watch. Find whatever way is effective and affordable for your business to ensure that your employees receive the training they need.

Prevent Data Leaks

You need to have policies in place in the office, out of the office and throughout any operational area of your business that firmly prevent data leaks. When data is finished, it should be deleted or stored securely. Connections like Bluetooth shouldn't be left active when no one is using them in public, etc. Work with an MSP to ensure that you cover all your bases here.

Ensure Proper Support Exists

Your last best practice here is to ensure that your employees can talk to someone if they need to and that there is a safety net of support silhouetting operations. Outsourced Managed Service Providers, or MSPs, are ideal for this.

Profitable BYOD

IT services in Santa Clara through Riverfy can help you get the most out of your BYOD transition. Contact us to help ease you into a BYOD infrastructure if you haven't already or optimize it if you have.