How an IT Services Provider in Santa Clara Protects Business Email

How an IT Services Provider in Santa Clara Protects Business Email

Fighting cybercrime is much easier when you hire an IT services provider in Santa Clara to protect your data. The costs of cyberattacks in recent years have averaged over $150,000 per attack, according to FBI data.

Reasons for Successful Attacks

The main reason why so many businesses are attacked is that hackers prey on financial information. Companies that rely on old legacy systems are among the most vulnerable. The path of least resistance for hackers is using deceptive social engineering methods on unsuspecting workers. The intent of the hackers is to befriend employees with gifts or coupons and then get them to click an infected link.Just like in sports, if a team has a weak defense it will give up a lot of points to the opposition. Your infrastructure needs to be well protected, which is where an IT support provider in Santa Clara can help. A business network that relies only on antivirus software for protection is wide open for a security breach. Even more vulnerable are companies that rely on old technology.

How IT Experts Block Hackers

Hackers can take down any business that lacks strong cybersecurity layers and policies. These layers help protect email and other types of interactive communications from online distruption. Security training is another crucial layer. An IT services provider in Santa Clara can work with you to set policies as to what types of digital properties employees can access.Email needs to be authenticated for business interactions because one of the key ways that attackers penetrate systems is by disguising themselves as trusted friends or brands. Using a strong email authentication system helps weed out fraudulent emails. After an email sender's identity has been validated, your business should use a protection layer known as "dynamic email classification". This layer evaluates a sender's online reputation and details about the email.IT technicians further help clients by providing security training, which can take many different forms. The key is that every employee learns to take cybersecurity seriously and to follow company policies as to what they can and can't click. IT teams add more protection by helping firms set up disaster recovery plans. Your business needs to know what recovery steps to take in the event of an attack or other incidents that lead to switching servers.


The easiest way to steer clear of cyberattacks is to work with IT services experts in Santa Clara. Connecting your business with cybersecurity experts will give you the safety net it needs. Contact us now at Riverfy for more information about protecting your data.