How an IT Support Provider in San Jose Can Help You Avoid These Network Mistakes

How an IT Support Provider in San Jose Can Help You Avoid These Network Mistakes

An IT support provider in San Jose can play a key role in keeping your network working at an optimal level. A well-managed network keeps downtime to a minimum while also protecting your business against cyber threats. Understanding how to avoid a few of the most common network mistakes is critical in helping your business maintain operations without any disruptions.Here are a few common network problems businesses sometimes face and how an IT provider can help you solve and avoid them:

Lack of Monitoring

One of the biggest mistakes in managing your network is the failure to monitor it around the clock. An IT provider will keep a close eye on your network to immediately identify suspicious activity before it causes widespread problems for your business. These monitoring services will give you much-needed peace of mind against all types of cyber threats.

No Acess Controls

Another common problem in managing a network is allowing employees to have full access to your IT infrastructure. Limiting access controls is much more effective in keeping your company safe and limiting the chance of a data breach. An IT support provider in San Jose can create access control levels for each employee and can always make changes at any time for an added level of security.

Default Passwords

Always taking the time to change the default password to your network is critical to staying proactive against potential cyber threats. An IT provider can help you create a new password for your network while also creating a unique password for each device that connects to your network.

Minimal Scalability

Business is always changing and never stays the same for very long. The ability to quickly scale up or down is essential to the success of your business. An IT service provider can develop a network management strategy that offers the flexibility to grow or scale back to meet the needs of your company.

Ignoring Network Device Logs

Always keeping a watchful eye on your network device logs is essential in keeping your business safe against cybercriminals. An IT support provider can always monitor your network device logs to ensure only your employees are gaining access to your network. These logs also provide valuable information, as an IT provider can identity any devices with performance issues.Understanding how to avoid common network mistakes is critical for small business owners. Riverfy is a company that offers IT support solutions for a wide range of small businesses in San Jose. Our primary goal is to help businesses reach their potential while always keeping their network safe. Contact us now to learn more about our network management services!