How IT Consulting in Bay Area are Evolving with the Cloud

How IT Consulting in Bay Area are Evolving with the Cloud

While there are various IT consulting in Bay Area to choose from, the ones on the cutting-edge work with the cloud and beyond. Many businesses are realizing it's a helpful solution for storage as well as collaboration on applications. Here are some of the ways that the cloud has transformed modern business:

Primary Cloud Benefits

  • Lower costs - reduces the need for onsite hardware
  • Integrates with cross-platform systems
  • Easy file sharing
  • Remote access to data and applications anytime/anywhere
  • Allows it support to explore new innovations
  • Automated solutions
  • Access to a wide array of subscription software services

Emerging Cloud Developments

The most innovative IT consulting in Bay Area are using the cloud as a medium for simplifying tasks. This leads to a more efficient and productive work environment. The cloud has steadily evolved over the past decade to now encompass hybrid clouds, multi-cloud solutions, IoT, and edge computing.Hybrid clouds are for businesses that thrive on flexibility, scalability, and agility while providing robust security. A hybrid cloud allows you to combine local IT infrastructure with storing data in the cloud, as well as access to cloud computing for workloads. Essentially, you're able to utilize private and public clouds.A multi-cloud is a similar but more expanded concept. It allows you to run applications over various clouds. Many firms use at least four different clouds. This concept has manifested into a realm of greater protection of data, in case of a cyberattack.It's wise to store copies of your digital assets in multiple places, in case something prevents you from accessing a particular account. Power outages and human error (e.g. overwriting files by accident) can and often do occur sometimes. If you have immediate access to backups, the problem won't disrupt business continuity. One issue you need to be aware of, however, is that some applications may not work the same way when shifting to another cloud.

Mobile and IoT Technology

The proliferation of mobile devices and the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) are other key developments that blend well with cloud computing. The fact that many businesses are adopting a "bring-your-own-device" model is helping cut hardware and maintenance costs. IoT, which is the connection of various data generating devices with the internet, is producing an enormous amount of data. The cloud accommodates unlimited storage space, especially on cloud-based virtual machines.

Edge Computing

One way to speed up data transmission is the use of edge computing. It's a process in which data processing occurs on the edge of a cloud with a closer connection to the data-generating device. It gives you access IoT data in real-time. This dynamic sidesteps the conventional cloud computing process of data taking long journeys across the internet to data centers. The faster flow of information is extremely beneficial to tech, financial, media, and healthcare organizations.


Several IT consulting in Bay Area offer local services, but the ones that offer both onsite and cloud solutions are the ones paving the way for the next generation. At some point, maybe even something more powerful will surface, as technology accelerates at a rapid pace. Contact us at Riverfy to learn more about cloud computing and how we can modernize your operation.