How to Implement Better Employee Productivity Controls with IT Consulting in the Bay Area

How to Implement Better Employee Productivity Controls with IT Consulting in the Bay Area

Employee productivity is an important area for the management of your company to look at. Not only must you motivate your team to work hard and be productive, but you also have to put some measures in place to check if this is happening. In this age of technology, it can seem difficult to restrict how your employees use their phones and computers because they are on the internet for work purposes. When you sign up for our IT consulting in the Bay Area, we can help you use technology to monitor employee productivity.

Benefits of Using Technology to Monitor Employee Productivity

It’s so easy to get distracted during work. The temptations are numerous, and they include social media, the news, funny videos online, and a whole host of other phone notifications crying out for attention. Being constantly distracted in this way is a sure way to limit productivity at work.It’s harder these days to restrict phone and internet use at work because these are vital tools for many of your team members. While you can’t stand over their heads and monitor their daily activities, using technology, you can keep track of various productivity and IT usage metrics. These can give you an overall idea of how your network is being used even in your absence. Our IT services team in the Bay Area can help you set these up.

How to Measure and Boost Productivity

There isn’t one way to ensure that your team is productive, but by employing some of the measures suggested below, you can boost the overall focus and productivity in your business. These measures can also help to improve network security and limit the risk of successful email phishing and other cybersecurity threats.Riverfy can help you with content filters to restrict people from accessing certain sites and downloading certain files over your company network. Firewalls are another service we can assist you with. This is necessary to safeguard your company’s entire network security. If you want to get more detailed information and reporting on how the internet is used in your business, you can also request internet usage audits regularly. These allow you to see which sites are being visited the most.Our services for IT consulting in the Bay Area also extend to training. Security awareness training can teach your employees about the impact and risks of their online activity, not just to the company but to themselves as well.If you are interested in services and training to boost employee productivity, we can help. At Riverfy, we offer IT consulting in the Bay Area. Contact us today to learn more.