How to Maximize Encryption with IT Consulting in the Bay Area

How to Maximize Encryption with IT Consulting in the Bay Area

IT consulting in the Bay Area serves a variety of clients in all spheres of the modern technology industry. Each business a consultant works with has its own idiosyncratic needs--- though there are some businesses that tend to have similarities. Though data protection methods for one industry may not be quite appropriate for another, one security measure you're likely to find in all industries dealing with data is encryption

What is Encryption and What are Its Benefits?

IT services companies in the Bay Area commonly provide encryption solutions for clients. In a nutshell, encryption is a cryptographic means of protecting data. For a simple illustration, consider the following basic encryption. In our example, A =1, B = 2, C = 3, and so on until Z, which would be 26. A sentence like "Bob hates cats" would be represented 2 15 2 8 1 20 5 19 3 1 20 19.Spaces and capitals aren't visible in this simple encryption--- it's a bit too simple to properly safeguard... anything. As cryptography and computation have compounded, encryption has become much more elegant. With that elegance comes complications. Military-grade encryption is virtually impossible to crack without a computer. It's a code within a code within a code. But as computers increase in their abilities, encryption needs likewise compound.

MSP Provisions

IT services companies in the Bay Area must provide increasingly complex encryptions for basic security. Old encryptions are very easy to crack with new tech. In today's increasingly decentralized modern world, where more people access the web through mobile devices than desktop devices, encryption requires increasing complications, but it must be available in a way that doesn't overtax involved devices.The more complex the encryption, the more digital horsepower becomes necessary to manage it. Accordingly, there's a balance. While you may be able to achieve it at the outset, IT consulting experts in the Bay Area are likely to advise you to use external solutions to maintain security efficacy over time. You will have to update your encryption methods eventually. Outsourced solutions simplify the process and provide these key advantages:

  • Greater operational stability
  • The latest encryption solutions
  • Monitoring and support
  • Consultation for best results

Securing the Right Encryption Solutions

IT consulting in the Bay Area through Riverfy can help you determine what level of encryption you need for your business. Different companies will have different needs and you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary aggravation by doing things the most efficient way from the outset. Benefits include greater operational stability, cutting-edge solutions, better monitoring, and ongoing consultation solutions. For more information on encryption and which methods best fit your business, contact us today.