IT Consulting in Bay Area Can Provide the Latest in IT Security Protections

IT Consulting in Bay Area Can Provide the Latest in IT Security Protections

No Way Around It

IT consulting in Bay Area is essential for your business' IT security. There's no way around it. Modernity has some of the finest technology known to man, but that tech has been created by modern man. Ergo, advantages and drawbacks will follow human trends. What's a human trend that has always plagued mankind? Criminality. Following are several considerations pertaining to cyber-security--- these will help show why continuous security tech solutions are necessary:

  • The fact that cyber-security will always be a challenge
  • Employee device considerations
  • Increasingly sophisticated attacks
  • Applications are the primary culprit of most breaches

Continuous Challenges

IT consulting company in Bay Area provide IT security understands that, as innovations come, find new innovative ways of cracking security. Many cyber-criminals are disgruntled technicians. They've, usually, worked in a professional capacity with one technology company or another. For whatever reason, they decided to go the "black hat" route. The most probable motivation is money. There is a lot of money in cyber-crime these days and that trend seems to be expanding. The truth is, as long as there is mankind, new technology will be compromised by cyber-security threats. Humanity does not bear the mark of perfection. Therefore, there will always be "backdoors" into any system. If you want to safeguard your business, you need to consistently replace the "locks."

Employee Device Considerations

Through BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), businesses can save tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and even more in freed up facilities costs. If you can outsource your employees, why rent an office that will never be occupied? Now, you're saving thousands every month. The catch comes in terms of cyber-security compromise. Different devices have diverse points of access that can be utilized by enterprising cyber-criminals. Getting around this can be done with multi-factor authentication, where an employee must prove their identity by entering data sent to multiple devices. Additionally, continuous monitoring and support solutions are recommendable here.

Increasingly Sophisticated Attacks

Cyber-crime is a trillion-dollar industry. As a result, there are hacking programs which have the sort of backing a company like Microsoft or Apple would. That's a considerable reality you must defend against. The best way to do this is to employ a team of tech professionals whose operational core revolves around obtaining and providing cutting-edge security solutions.

Applications are the Primary Culprits of Today's Breaches

In modernity, applications on mobile devices like laptops, tablets, or smartphones are commonly the primary culprit of data breaches. They usher in Trojan software, which remains hidden until hackers decide to exploit it. This is what caused a massive DDoS attack on the east coast in 2016. Ensure any apps you download are vetted by whichever security agency you choose to work with.

Securing Your Business

IT consulting in Bay Area through Riverfy is dedicated to providing the latest in IT security solutions. Contact us to safeguard your operations cohesively, continuously, and reliably. New threats are always emerging and avoiding them will require top-tier professional support.