IT Consulting in the Bay Area: IT Areas to Address to Keep your Team and Business Productive from Home

IT Consulting in the Bay Area: IT Areas to Address to Keep your Team and Business Productive from Home

Do you know that an IT consulting solutions provider in the Bay Area can help you shape your business to greater heights? Many organizations have resorted to working remotely due to the current global pandemic. Gratitude to the evolving technology, it is no longer necessary to commute to an office for work to be done. However, for your remote team and business to be productive, you need strong organizational skills. To stay on top of your work and increase your business operations remotely, address the following key IT areas.

Digital Assistants

The demand for digital assistants is increasing rapidly as people and organizations have resorted to working from home. Most workers are familiar with these tools, but very few are utilizing them to their full potential. Some of them include:

  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon Echo
  • A Siri-enabled Apple Product

The tools can send emails, make calls, take notes, and handle many more tasks within a remote team. Some of these digital assistants can aid conference calls easily without any coordination difficulties.


  • A desktop computer or laptop

A well-functioning desktop computer or laptop is an essential tool for any individual working from home. You can request your remote workers to use their laptops or use a company-issued computer. However, if your enterprise has enough devices, give each worker a company laptop. Such laptops are secure and convenient, especially in emergencies.

  • Robust Wi-Fi

Working from home demands that most operations must be conducted online. Ensure all your employees access reliable and high-speed internet. It maximizes their efficiency and improves their performance. Also, it helps employees connect to consumers in a better way, thus increasing your business returns. For the integrity, efficiency, and productivity of your business, facilitate a faster internet for all your workers with the help of IT services experts in the Bay Area.

  • A Business Phone System

You can create a seamless experience for your remote team and business by having an interconnected phone system. You can reach out to an IT consulting company in the Bay Area for more information regarding reliable VoIP services. With this system, employees can answer calls, transfer calls, dial one another, and access group voicemails.


You can run your business team remotely by investing in the right and reliable software. For efficiency, be equipped with software in the following core areas of a remote team.

  • Communication software, e.g. Slack.
  • Project management tools, e.g. Trello
  • Storage software e.g. Google Docs, Dropbox, and Microsoft 365
  • Bookkeeping and billing tools, e.g. QuickBooks Online for payment of bills and keeping up with tax information.

Integrating IT for your remote team requires a lot of skills and expertise. It would be best if you had a team of IT consulting experts in the Bay Area to help you create the best environment for your organization. They can sort out all your business IT needs. Contact us now at Riverfy to learn more about our company and services offered.