IT Services Experts in Santa Clara: "Are You Aware of These Dark Web Services?"

IT Services Experts in Santa Clara: "Are You Aware of These Dark Web Services?"

It's important for business owners to be aware of what the Dark Web is and what kind of services are offered there, according to IT services experts in Santa Clara. These services are used to conduct illegal activity and to mask the identity of those doing it. Being aware is the first step in protecting your company.

What Is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a part of the Internet that most people either aren't aware of or don't know how to access. It's a network of sites and resources that stay hidden from most of the world.This part of the Internet is useful for a number of purposes, both good and bad. It allows people who live in restrictive regimes to exercise free speech and to learn about forbidden information. On the other hand, it also allows criminals to conduct business outside of more visible channels.

What Types of Services Does the Dark Web Offer?

According to IT services experts in Santa Clara, two things make the Dark Web an attractive place for those who want to avoid law enforcement. It offers almost foolproof identity protection and it makes it easy to make payments anonymously. These are why certain services have made their home there.

  • Darknet markets are sites that allow individuals to buy weapons, drugs, and other illegal commodities in exchange for an anonymous payment. Law enforcement can often find larger markets and bust them. However, a new market will spring up almost instantly to take its place.
  • IT support experts in Santa Clara note that hacking services are commonplace on the Dark Web, to hire hackers and make use of their knowledge and expertise. The job can be entirely legal, such as a company wanting to test their online security. Of course, the job could be outside the legal boundaries as well.
  • Stolen information is a tradable commodity on the Dark Web. A hacker gets inside the firewall of a small business and steals the personal information for the company's customers. The hacker then turns around and sells that information to the highest bidder. That's an ultimate nightmare for
  • Illegal materials and information are also tradable commodities. The list of items available on the Dark Web is vast and includes child pornography, snuff films, and instructions for making bombs. Mere possession of some of these items is illegal.

Business owners need to be aware of the dangers posed by the Dark Web and their potential impact. For more information, contact us at Riverfy. We are the experts on IT services Santa Clara businesses trust with their cybersecurity.