IT Services in Santa Clara: Best Practices for Mobile Device Management

IT Services in Santa Clara: Best Practices for Mobile Device Management

IT services providers in Santa Clara can offer security strategies and policies for all the mobile devices used in your business.With many companies embracing the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, the use of mobile devices to carry out organizational tasks is increasing rapidly. Though it creates flexibility and improves employees’ productivity, it has its shortcomings.51% of establishments universally have experienced data loss due to insecure mobile devices usage. As phishing and malware become more frequent through mobile devices, how do you ensure your employee's devices, your company's sensitive data, and wireless communications are safe and protected always?You need a mobile device management (MDM) solution to control and keep track of all devices from a central point.MDM software enables IT services providers in Santa Clara to wire security strategies to all mobile devices in your company, including those of employees.According to IT support providers in Santa Clara, a suitable MDM solution requires the following best practices:


Wireless communications are easy to interfere with. Encryption reinforces anti-theft tactics. Ensure that your business data is safe by encrypting it. Allow only the encrypted data to leave to the business container. Also, shun devices that cannot be encoded from linking to your corporate resources systems.

Mobile Anti-Malware

All employees in your organization must install and update anti-malware software on both company-issued and personal devices. Anti-malware solutions give instantaneous protection from malware and improve malware detection rates. You also need a strategy to deal with devices that are stolen and lost, like being able to wipe data remotely.


67% of workers use personal devices at work. Such employees can inadvertently put your company systems and data at risk.The best way to protect your organization from such dangers is by creating a virtual work environment. Containerization creates virtual containers that separate business and personal data. Here, all communications and data are monitored and protected.On the business container, IT experts apply more security and data protection measures. When an employee is using their mobile device to access business data, they are unable to copy that data to removable media or download attachments.

Enforce Tight Security Features

Tight security features enable your organization data to stay safe at all corners. Some of the security features include creating strong passwords and automatically locking devices after a specified period of inactivity.Your MDM should have clearly defined policies that are known by your employees. It should include:

  • How mobile devices should be used
  • What company's data is accessible by mobile devices and which one is not
  • Who can do what on your company's network

As mobile technology continues to advance, mobile device management becomes more critical than ever. Your organization requires security technologies to protect your vital data from cybercriminals. At Riverfy, we are an IT services provider in Santa Clara offering businesses the best MDM software solutions practices tailored for your business. Contact us for more information.