IT Services in Santa Clara: How to Mitigate BYOD Security Risk

IT Services in Santa Clara: How to Mitigate BYOD Security Risk

If your company does not yet have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in place, it is time to establish one. As tech and the workplace continue to change, risks multiply, creating the potential for an employee’s misstep to lead to a significant loss. Here's a quick look at how to best handle BYOD security as detailed by our IT services team in Santa Clara:

Recognize Mobile Devices Enhance the Likelihood of DDoS Attacks

The APIs on mobile devices usually do not have optimal rate limits so they are that much more likely to endure a DDoS attack. DDoS attack requests are made in the network so they will prove that much more difficult to detect. DDoS attacks have the potential to use mobile devices to breach resource bottlenecks within application layers. This covert approach is more challenging to identify than DDoS attacks from the outside, so keep your guard up. For assistance, you can reach out to our IT support team in Santa Clara help fortify your digital defenses and identify such attacks as soon as possible.

The Role of Network Monitoring for BYOD

A poorly implemented BYOD policy will make it that much more difficult for your IT personnel to adjust to capacity requirements as they change. Even network usage and application usage will gradually change as time progresses. Implement a network monitoring tool with the assistance of IT services experts in Santa Clara, and you will be able to access essential information as necessary with top-notch security.

Password Protection is of the Utmost Performance

Plenty of people fail to secure their smart devices appropriately yet do not think twice about using those devices for work purposes. It is up to you to set a rigid password policy requiring the use of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Furthermore, if possible, additional biometric access controls such as facial ID and/or fingerprints will keep your valuable information as secure as possible.

A Measured Approach to Stolen/Lost Devices

The last thing you need is for an employee's lost/stolen phone to end up in the hands of a criminal or other malevolent individuals. Tap into the power of remote wipe services as well as "Find my Device" services. These services empower you to track lost devices and wipe them as necessary.However, above all, you should back up your data with regularity just in case a lost/stolen device has important information that otherwise would not be retrievable.

Riverfy is At Your Service!

BYOD will pose even more potential pitfalls as more employers transition to remote work that requires the use of personal devices. At Riverfy, our IT services team in Santa Clara can help mitigate your BYOD security risks. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help keep your tech investment and valuable information safe.