IT Services in Santa Clara: How You Can Secure Your Tablet and Smartphone

IT Services in Santa Clara: How You Can Secure Your Tablet and Smartphone

Have you taken the necessary steps to secure your smartphone and tablet? What about those belonging to your employees? Or are you like some who take this issue lightly? Well, we hope that your mobile and handheld devices are secure, and if they are not, you should take immediate action and have them secured. You might be wondering, why the hurry? Well, it is a matter of life or death for your IT network. Yes, no exaggerations here. Hackers can easily use your unsecured devices to access other devices connected to the same network. Imagine a hacker accessing your corporate network and launching a cyber attack via your smartphone; wouldn’t that be catastrophic? Eager to learn how to prevent this? Read on and see the steps that IT services experts in Santa Clara recommend insofar as securing your smartphone and tablet is concerned.But first,Why Should You Secure Your Smartphone and Tablets?There are a couple of reasons that come to mind. Here are two main ones:

  • To protect your information, both private and professional from third parties.
  • To prevent your device from being used as an access point to your corporate network.

How Can You Secure Your Tablet and Smartphone?

Our IT services team in Santa Clara has compiled a list of proven ways through which we believe that you can protect your smartphone and tablets and secure them from unauthorized access:

  • Set a passcode – A passcode is a security feature that allows you and only you to access your smartphone or tablet. Passcodes range from patterns to passwords to pins to fingerprints. Make sure that you set a passcode which is not obvious; this will deny intruders access to your devices in any case you lose them.
  • Download apps from trusted sources – Don’t be the kind of user who downloads apps from unknown sources. If your gadget is based on Android, the safest place to download apps is Google Play store. If using an Apple device, head over to the Appstore. IT consulting experts in Orange County opine that most apps downloaded from unknown sources come bundled with malware that can act as a security threat to your device and to the network it connects.
  • Update your software – Always download updates and patch your software as soon as the updates are available. This will help fix bugs and keep your gadget safe.
  • Activate remote location and wiping – This feature is important, especially in the event that you lose your gadget. You will be able to wipe it remotely and prevent losing your critical data along with the device.

Parting Shot

So, those are just some of the ways by which you can secure your smartphone and tablet. To learn more on this, get in touch with Riverfy Corporation. We are an IT services provider in Santa Clara ready to guide you on how you can keep your gadgets safe. Contact us now!