IT Services in Santa Clara: Phishing Scams Can Be Mitigated Exceptionally Well

IT Services in Santa Clara: Phishing Scams Can Be Mitigated Exceptionally Well

IT services providers in Santa Clara commonly help customers who have been on the receiving end of a phishing attack. Sometimes damage can be mitigated, sometimes it can't. Your best option will be preparing for them in advance with measures that can restore operations after the fact.Phishing attacks can be sneaky, and new means of deployment develop regularly. User error, infiltration (as in North Korea's SMB-vectored ransomware WannaCry attack) and more are against you. Generally, phishing attacks seek login or financial data of those with power, either financially or collaterally, then through that login data utilize that power.

Preventative Actions

IT support experts in Santa Clara advise you to compartmentalize data generation and management to avoid total impact of a phishing attack and carefully manage your login data. Passwords should be generated that are unique and regularly deployed. A few other things you can do include:

Security Software

A lot of phishing attacks come through untrusted emails, and such vectors are easy to overcome through most software solutions. However, some phishing transpires through spyware uploaded onto your devices or network subtly. Security monitoring helps identify and overcome such threats.

Mobile Management and Automatic Update

Mobile devices are prime phishing vectors. Monitoring and outright theft regularly occur on them. For example, social media apps sometimes send users messages through spurious accounts saying that hacked profiles require new passwords to be set up. The user clicks on the link, and their login credentials are stolen.Mobile management, monitoring, and automatic update help avoid this. As IT services providers in Santa Clara advise, get everyone working in your business who uses a mobile device to either use the same devices you manage or agree to remote monitoring and management (RMM).

Institution and Management of MFA Security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is key in helping prevent phishing. This makes it so even should a "phisher" get login data, they can't use it because they can't pretend to be multiple devices.

Comprehensively Backing Up All Generated Data

As a final safety precaution, you should assure all information is backed up as continuously as possible on multiple media. On-site backups should be on at least two different sorts of media, and you want at least one off-site option.

Expanded Security

Riverfy can help you backup devices, institute MFA security, monitor mobile devices, update them, and install appropriate security software. To learn more about phishing threats and how you might prevent them, feel free to reach out to our IT services team in Santa Clara.