IT Services in Santa Clara: The Importance of Patch Management System

IT Services in Santa Clara: The Importance of Patch Management System

Do you know the danger that a single unpatched software poses to your entire IT infrastructure? Did you know that hackers are constantly exploring for loopholes and vulnerabilities in your network so that they can gain entry and execute their evil plans? Well, if you didn’t, it’s about time you did. There are many cybersecurity threats facing small to medium businesses such as yours and a good patch management system can mean the difference between a firm that stays safe from hackers and one that doesn’t. Read on to understand the reasons why our IT services team in Santa Clara believes that you should prioritize patch management for your growing firm.

What Exactly is Patch Management?

Software is written from lines of code. On average, a software program will have close to 50 errors for every thousand lines of code. The errors in the software program, also known as bugs, need to be fixed to ensure that your software program operates as it should and that it stays safe from hackers. Patches, therefore, are software updates issued by software developers aimed at fixing the identified flaws or bugs in the software program. Patch management can, therefore, be defined as the process by which the patch (software update) is installed to enhance the security of the software and your overall IT network.

Reasons Why Most Companies Fail to Patch Their Software Programs

In our function as an IT services provider in Santa Clara, we have had the pleasure of interacting with clients, some of who have been able to implement patch management systems of sorts, while a majority had not. It was shocking to see how some were treating patch management as an afterthought. Lucky for them, they came to us before some serious cybersecurity threat had hit their small but growing firms. When asked why they had not patched their software programs, these reasons stood out:

  • Manual patching is time-consuming
  • Lack of sufficiently qualified IT staff to do it
  • Lack of resources
  • Too many patches to keep up with
  • Risk of running into new problems

Why is Patching Important?

Patching is important because it fixes bugs and closes all vulnerabilities which can be explored by hackers and other cybercriminals. Software vendors often release updates that fix bugs and therefore improve the security of their software and IT network in general.Failing to patch your software will expose your firm to unnecessary risk. You need not stress yourself with the intricacies of patch management. Why not outsource this function to a qualified IT support provider in Santa Clara that specializes in patch management? At Riverfy, we pride ourselves as being a reputable IT services provider in Santa Clara with a proven track record in helping small to medium firms with patch management among other IT support functions. Contact us now and let us help secure your growing firm.