IT Services in Santa Clara: Why You Should Upgrade Your Windows 7 to Windows 10

IT Services in Santa Clara: Why You Should Upgrade Your Windows 7 to Windows 10

With IT services in Santa Clara, you can effortlessly upgrade from Windows 7 and enjoy the prime features Windows 10 has to offer. Windows 7 has been around since 2009 and has truly served the masses. However, though it will continue to run, Microsoft will cease to support it and all sorts of updates as from January 2020. The new kid on the block is Windows 10.What benefits and features does Windows 10 offer your business and why should you switch? Read on for some reasons on why you should upgrade.


Security threats are rampant, diverse and range from phishing, ransomware, spyware, worms, and keyloggers. Data is a vital asset to your business and, unfortunately, fodder for hackers and criminals. The cessation of security updates from Microsoft for Windows 7 exposes your data to easy picking, according to IT services experts in Santa Clara.Windows 10 offers a native multifaceted security approach to combat different attacks. Some notable ones are:

  • Windows Defender Application Guard
  • User Account Control
  • Windows Defender SmartScreen
  • BitLocker
  • Credential Guard
  • Windows Hello

Engage with IT support firms in Santa Clara to determine which data would be most valuable to hackers and criminals and implement the relevant protection.

Innovative Features

As a business, your main aim is to boost productivity while staying ahead of your competition. Compared to 7, Windows 10 is a gem for your business with a horde of innovative features such as:

  • Faster wake up from sleep mode
  • New and secure login methods
  • Personal digital assistant
  • Universal Windows App
  • Usability updates
  • Focus Assist
  • Windows Edge Browser
  • Single sign-on for all Microsoft apps
  • Support for multiple virtual desktops

A notable change is a cleverly designed startup menu, integrating the Windows 7 stacked format, with the Windows 8 live tiles for a compact yet effective interface for faster navigation.Also, Windows 10 has included an allocation for you to run some Linux software without the incompatibility issues associated with Windows 7.

Compatibility with New Technology

Innovation in technology, especially for business is rife. To thrive, you must keep up with the latest industry trends and update your systems for compatibility. Windows 7 had a horde of incompatibility issues with new hardware and software releases. Windows 10 offers optimized compatibility with the latest hardware and apps in the market, offering your business a competitive advantage and increased productivity.Windows 10 optimized features increase productivity for your business, secure your data, frequent updates availability, alongside optimized compatibility. However, to enjoy these benefits, you should partner with an IT services provider in Santa Clara like us at Riverfy. We will help you upgrade seamlessly and with minimal business interruption. Contact us today to learn more.