IT Support Companies San Jose: 3 Methods to Avoid Phishing Attacks

IT Support Companies San Jose: 3 Methods to Avoid Phishing Attacks

IT support companies in San Jose are conscious of the constant threat of phishing attacks on businesses and the need for ongoing IT security solutions to stop them. While email servers are the main target of phishing attacks, business software, such as Microsoft Office 365, has also become a primary target for hackers. As with all hacking attempts, successful phishing attacks on your Microsoft Office 365 software will leave you at a huge loss. Protecting your business from phishing attacks, which come in the form of destructive malware and mangled domains must be a part of your IT security strategy. Failure to do so will result in data loss and disruption of business operations. Therefore, it is crucial to partner with an IT company to face the menace of phishing attacks.Here are the top methods to stop phishing attacks with the help of a reliable IT support company:

1. Enforce the DKIM Policy

IT support companies in San Jose have an in-depth understanding of the nature of phishing attacks and employ the Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) policy to thwart email phishing attacks on your business’ networks. A DKIM policy protects your computer networks by monitoring the domain keys identified on incoming emails. A DKIM policy filters all suspicious emails whose origin does not match the domain name identified in the “from” field. It also identifies whether an email was modified in transit. The protection provided by a DKIM policy works at the protocol level of email messaging and has the capacity to filter suspicious emails and block them from penetrating your business’ IT systems.

2. Adopt Multi-Factor Authentication to Authorize Logins

When a phishing attack succeeds at getting your employee to log in to a mangled domain, the hacker gets a copy of their log-in credentials. However, with a multi-factor authentication, you can block the hacker from accessing the specific user's account in your business software or email server. Multi-factor authentication provides you with an extra layer of security in case sensitive information, such as log-in credentials, falls into the wrong hands. It is only possible for a hacker to log in to your systems with the second factor and the username and password combination. This makes multi-factor authentication a must-have policy for protecting your online systems from hackers. An IT support provider can set up multi-factor authentication for your business software solutions.

3. Employ Plugins

The primary use of email for business communications makes it a convenient channel for deploying phishing attacks. Plugins provide an effective shield in preventing phishing attacks. An IT company can help you configure a plugin software to allow your employees to identify and report suspicious emails with a single mouse click. The presence of an anti-phishing plugin on your Internet-based services will keep your employees alert and foster a culture of responsibility toward IT security. As a result, you will catch phishing attempts in a timely manner before they can do harm.IT support companies in San Jose offer professional anti-phishing solutions to keep your business data safe in the wake of frequent phishing attacks. At Riverfy, we pride ourselves on being a reliable IT support company for all of your IT security needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.