IT Support in San Jose: 4 Signs of Malware Infection and What to Do When Your Computers Are Infected

IT Support in San Jose: 4 Signs of Malware Infection and What to Do When Your Computers Are Infected

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and that's why you need IT support in San Jose to protect your computer against attacks. Cybersecurity issues like breached and hacked data are becoming rampant. A recent study shows that most businesses and companies have poor practices in place, and they also have unprotected data, making them susceptible to data loss.If you notice annoying pop-ups on your PC or your files taking ages to load, then know your computer is compromised. It shows you're at the verge of losing your crucial data. Let's analyze the signs of malware attacks and how to solve them.

Computer Applications Running Slowly

One of the major activities of malware is to slow down the operating system. If you're dealing with a scenario where accessing local applications or navigating on the internet becomes hard and slow, it’s a clear sign of the system having some issues.What to do: Slow operations can be due to two reasons--- technical incompatibility or malware issues. For malware issues, scan your PC with an excellent malware removal tool. You can also install antivirus software.

PC Freezes, Restarts, Crash

Your computer crashes, you restart, and it gives you a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). You restart it again, and it tells you the windows are recovering from an unexpected shutdown. This can be quite frustrating.What to do: You can use the registry editor to open the search bar for the windows. More so, you can use an automated cleaning session using CCleaner.

Getting Annoying Pop-ups

If you happen to receive a warning that you’re running out of space on windows, then there is a malware attack. This is one of the most common signs of malware attacks.What to do: First, check if the physical storage space is almost finished. You can do so by deleting some of the old files and videos that can lower your computer's performance. It can also be due to malware infection since there is a myriad of malicious programs that may fill up the available space.

Unfamiliar Icons

If there are new yet unfamiliar icons on your computer, you might have downloaded sneaky programs known as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). These malicious programs might expose you to data leakage. More so, PUPs can cause a lot of damage.What to do: Seek help from a professional IT support provider in San Jose to help you remove the PUPs from your computer.

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