IT Support in San Jose: Building Solid Password Management and Security

IT Support in San Jose: Building Solid Password Management and Security

The Problem

IT support providers in San Jose contend with many customers who just don't manage passwords anywhere near the level of security necessary. If you haven't changed your password in a year, you're wide open to invasion from some cybercriminal--this extends even to the highest authorities of the land; just consider how bad the DNC got backhanded by a hack through poor password management in 2016.

The Solution

You've got to carefully tend to your passwords; they get old and less secure regularly over time. There are a few different things you can do to strengthen them, including:

Designing Passwords the Right Length

First, you want your passwords to be the right length, you want them to be of the right composition. Each password should be a minimum of eight characters, it should include capitals, it should include special symbols, and it should include numbers.It should also be something nobody could guess. While spelling out a word with the numbers, letters, capitals, and symbols (like Pas$w0rd) may seem like a good mnemonic device, outside very basic, predictable combinations, you're going to run out of words soon. It's better to have them randomly generated. Don't be like the DNC, who designed something brute force password hacking was able to crack very easily.

Managing Passwords to Maintain Security

IT support experts in San Jose advise that you should either use a management program to properly store, generate, access, and reset passwords, or outsource such operations to the right MSP. This must be done right; passwords are one of the easiest vulnerabilities through which a hacker gains access to information without any sort of authorization.

Assuring Proper Strength Defines Passwords

Once you've designed your passwords properly, it's necessary to test them for strength. Just because you've got letters, numbers, and symbols doesn't mean the password is secure--even if it were "randomly" generated.You need to assure the password hasn't been generated before, and the random generator doesn't have something about it which makes it easy for hackers to crack.True randomness isn't as easy to design as you may expect, and there are software subroutines that can make mincemeat of basic management protocols.

Password Protection As Strong As It Gets

Our IT support team in San Jose can help you assure proper password strength and properly manage passwords so they're simultaneously of the proper length and composition. Businesses large and small regularly fall prey to cybercrime owing to weak passwords. Even government agencies are affected. Don't become a victim. Contact us now for your protection.