IT Support in San Jose Can Help You Increase SERP Ranking Through URL Configuration

IT Support in San Jose Can Help You Increase SERP Ranking Through URL Configuration

What Does The "S" In HTTPS Mean?

IT support providers in San Jose can help your business rank better in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) by increasing your online visibility footprint. This is often done through changing the configuration of URLs. It's not just a format change; certain different designations can mean your website has utilized known methods of safe operation. If you see an "HTTP" at the beginning of a URL, that's pretty much par for the course. But what you've likely seen is "HTTPS." The "S" signifies that an SSL 2048-bit key has been applied to your site, making it more secure against possible compromise.The way algorithms work is sort of a "plug 'n play" kind of thing. Basically, an online algorithm is a means of automating online organization. It's designed to look for specific things and deliver results accordingly. The algorithm isn't conscious, but those who design it are. As cloud computing, the Internet of Things, edge computing, and social media continue to grow and advance, different means of security will naturally become necessary. If you haven't made the HTTPS leap yet, you're undermining operations.

A Glimpse into Algorithms

If you're still unfamiliar with the process, it can be broken down further. Basically, whenever you do a search online for anything, the aforementioned algorithms go to work delivering results. So, for example, if you type in: "IT support in San Jose", you're going to get results from all the localized businesses that meet algorithmic qualifications for that search phrase. The businesses that have an "S" after the "HTTP" will be given precedence.Other factors that give precedence is relevance. Those businesses that algorithms can determine are actually local are more likely to be top-listed in the SERP.Incorporating an SSL 2048-bit key into your website is a simple way to give your business greater visibility. You're going to need to continue producing online content over time. It can take a rather high volume to increase your online ranking status. Think of SSL keys as a brief shortcut. This won't always be the case. As is the norm with technology, that which was cutting-edge eventually becomes status quo until it's "old hat," as the saying goes. There's a distinct cycle:

  • Introduction of innovation
  • Promulgation of innovation
  • Normalization of innovation
  • Forward advancement to new innovations

Stay at The Head of The Wave

What this means is that if you're at the head of the cutting-edge "wave," you're going to naturally see greater monetary benefit, greater visibility, and an increase in positive results--- especially concerning search engine solutions.Granted, you want good online content as well. You want vetted SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices, and the regular production of new kinds of content--- visual and textual--- too. But from the technological side of things, it makes sense to use anything to your advantage in terms of market visibility. SSL keys are a great way to get such visibility.


IT support in San Jose through Riverfy can help you apply SSL keys, as well as optimize your existing SEO strategy so that it's at its most effective. Contact us today to increase your business's visibility.