IT Support in San Jose: Fix These Deadly Business Setbacks with Cloud Computing

IT Support in San Jose: Fix These Deadly Business Setbacks with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can strengthen small businesses’ ability to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive landscape. The cloud is a tool for dynamic collaboration, scalability, and cost-cutting, among other benefits. IT support experts in San Jose can help your business to leverage these benefits in the most streamlined and cost-effective manner.

On-Site Infrastructure Costs

Whether you use just a few computers or several desktops, printers and servers, on-site hardware/software costs often run too high. And as Gartner reports, 80% of the expenses occur after you make the purchase.That includes service, maintenance, and electricity costs, even space. The cloud can streamline your business operations; the equipment costs and the cost of ownership are for the cloud provider to worry about. There is no software for you to buy, install, and maintain.

Lack of Scalability

Working with on-site software and hardware has limitations when it comes to scalability. When your business expands, your existing infrastructure will not have the capacity to handle increased usage. The cloud provides a solution to this problem.On the cloud, scalability is as simple as ordering more or fewer services, depending on your business’s growth needs. You only pay for the IT resources that you need when you need it. Expansion is easy, and you also get to avoid the costs of underutilized resources when your business shrinks.

IT department is Stretched Too Thin

The biggest challenge to on-site IT infrastructure is the enormous management and maintenance responsibility placed on your internal IT team. Signs of an overburdened IT department would include lengthy ticket resolution wait times, downtimes due to tech glitches and lack of IT leadership input in the whole business strategy.In many instances, the responsibility for management and maintenance in a cloud computing model falls on the provider. They will help with updates, security, and monitoring. You can reach out to IT support experts in San Jose to help you with cloud optimization so you can maximize efficiency and improve your ROI from cloud investments.

More Workers Are Leaving Your Organization

If you find yourself struggling with high employee turnover, the cloud could be what you need to attract and retain workers. It can also help to cut down labor costs. The cloud is a single point of access for all your employee’s computing needs wherever they may be.The business day is no longer what it used to be. Employees need flexible working hours. Many are working as they vacation and meeting deadlines out of office. The younger workforce rarely sits at a desk, thanks to mobility enabled by the cloud. On the other hand, companies are now leveraging the cloud to access more affordable expertise outside their time zones.Our IT support team in San Jose can help you exploit cloud computing in a manner that creates and sustains a competitive advantage for you. At Riverfy, your vision is our mission. Let us help you increase profitability with the most comprehensive IT support and cloud consulting. Contact us now to learn more!