IT Support in San Jose: The Many Benefits of Virtualization

IT Support in San Jose: The Many Benefits of Virtualization

A key technology used in cloud computing is virtualization. This technology creates virtual versions of practical IT services like operating systems, applications, storage, and networks. According to IT support experts in San Jose, companies reap unexpected benefits when they use virtualization.

Improved Security

One of the reasons IT support experts in San Jose recommend virtualization for businesses is that it offers multiple layers of security to keep your company data secure against hackers, malware, and viruses. A virtual firewall offers the same protection as the traditional version, just at a lower cost. Network virtualization makes it easy to segment your network for additional protection. Virtualizing storage makes it easy to keep up-to-date backups on hand.

Easy Transfer and Management of Data

Using virtual storage makes it easy to manage the way you store data. Instead of being spread across multiple hard disks, the virtual storage system acts as a single integrated unit. This makes it easy to find and transfer data. It's also very easy to provide extra storage when it's needed and release it when it's no longer a necessity.

Easier Maintenance

Building, loading, and starting a physical server takes time. Maintaining the system requires more time with operating system updates, hardware upgrades, and issue troubleshooting. In a physical network of servers, it can take weeks for an IT team to put together an operational system.With virtual servers, it takes a lot less time. The team allocates the storage space, deploys the applications, sets up the network segments, and turns everything on. In some cases, deployment happens in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

System Failure Protection

What would happen if one of your physical servers had a major system failure? The main drive died or your motherboard got fried. For most businesses, it would be a major disruption in normal operations. It could take days or even weeks to get things back to normal.With a virtual environment, the disruption would be minor. The work would shift automatically to another system along with the updated data set. Most of this is automatic which minimizes lost productivity.

Reduction in Operating Costs

Physical servers are expensive. Add up the cost of all the hardware, the manpower to build and maintain them, and the utility bills for powering and cooling them. Virtualization removes most of these costs from the equation. It can be a real IT saving for companies of any size.If your company hasn't already started using virtualization, now's the time to get on board. For assistance, contact us at Riverfy. We are the experts on IT support San Jose businesses trust with their technology needs.