IT Support in San Jose: Ways to Improve Mobile Device Security

IT Support in San Jose: Ways to Improve Mobile Device Security

Mobile device usage is becoming increasingly common in businesses today. Employees often need to work from home and on-the-go, and mobile phones and tablets make this possible. With this expansion in the number of endpoint devices, there are new security risks and concerns. Cybersecurity experts agree that businesses that haven’t made the necessary changes in their IT security policies are at real risk of experiencing a data breach or other IT disaster. To improve your mobile device security, IT support firms in San Jose can provide the necessary expertise.

Mobile Device Security Risks

The first reason why mobile devices present a risk is the great number of them. These are used on and off-site, connected to the company network, and also used for personal business. Mobile devices may be company-issued or personal devices. They are more likely to be lost or stolen than the desktop computers back at the office, and this means that they could fall into the wrong hands. If the phones and tablets used in your business are not adequately protected, an external party can gain access to your network and valuable data. The costs of a cyber-attack or breach are enough to disrupt a company’s whole course.

Improving Your Cybersecurity

At Riverfy, we have a team of cybersecurity experts that can help you bring your network and data security up to where it should be. Our wide range of services gives you the IT support in San Jose that your company needs, regardless of your current size and the industry you are in.Here are some of the ways to up your mobile device security:

  • Improve password and pin protection on all mobile devices. They should remain locked unless in use by the authorized person with the necessary unlocking codes.
  • Carry out employee security awareness training to make sure all users understand what safe and unsafe ways to use their mobile devices are. We can help you carry out this training so that everyone on your team recognizes suspicious activity and knows not to click on unverified links.
  • Restrict what apps can be installed on company devices.
  • Keep apps and operating systems regularly updated and patched.
  • Use encryption to protect data.
  • Be aware of unsafe Wi-Fi connections, particularly in public areas.

These are just a few of the many ways for you to improve your mobile device security.If you are looking for assistance with keeping your business network and data safe, we can help. Riverfy is a trusted provider of IT support in San Jose. Contact us to learn more about our offers.