IT Support in San Jose: Why Scalability in the Cloud is Crucial to Your Business

IT Support in San Jose: Why Scalability in the Cloud is Crucial to Your Business

Cloud computing has proven itself to be beneficial for organizations of all sizes. One of the most important benefits it offers is scalability. In today's rapidly changing world, scalability in the cloud is crucial for your business, according to the experts on IT support San Jose companies trust with their technology.

What Exactly is Scalability?

With cloud computing, scalability offers the ability to grow or shrink resources effectively. It makes it easier to meet current business needs. Cloud resources include data storage, processing capacity, and related services.A couple of decades ago, scalability was almost impossible to achieve with IT infrastructure. If a company needed more data storage, they bought extra disk drives and/or physical servers. That required a large outlay of capital for the hardware. It also required additional operating costs for maintenance.If the company's need for storage shrank, the hardware didn't disappear. It either stood idle or got sold at a loss.With modern cloud computing, companies don't need to buy hardware to increase capacity. All it requires is provisioning more resources from the third-party cloud provider. The company pays a higher monthly subscription cost. However, they don't have to make any capital outlays.

The Reason Why Scalability is Crucial

According to the pros on IT support San Jose companies trust with their technology, there are three types of scalability: vertical, horizontal, and diagonal.

  • Vertical scaling involves increasing memory, storage, or network resources while remaining on the same server.
  • Horizontal scaling involves adding additional servers and connecting them together to create a single system.
  • Diagonal scaling combines vertical and horizontal scaling. It's what cloud computing so crucial for a growing company.

Diagonal scaling allows you to maximize the use of your infrastructure as you grow. When you reach vertical capacity, duplicate the infrastructure horizontally. Continue growing vertically. Repeat as needed.Companies don't need to invest in expensive infrastructure to support a growth spurt. Provision the extra capacity needed and continue business as usual.

Four Ways to Get the Most from Cloud Scalability

  1. Leverage auto-scaling to ensure you have the capacity you need when you need it.
  2. Use load balancing to distribute the load across multiple nodes for efficient processing.
  3. Investigate whether containers would be a good fit for your applications and workload.
  4. Test all applications to see whether they scale properly or if you should look for another solution.

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