IT Support San Jose: Benefits of Managed IT Services to Your CPA Firm

IT Support San Jose: Benefits of Managed IT Services to Your CPA Firm

Using managed IT services can help to keep your accounting systems running and to safeguard company and client data. The risk of data breaches for companies in this sector is too high. Then again, there are many stringent IT regulations with harsh penalties for non-compliance. A savvy IT support team in San Jose can help you to navigate this landscape safely.

Data Protection

The sensitive information you handle in your accounting firm, including client social security numbers and tax information, whets the palates of many hackers. IT support providers in San Jose can help to set up robust technical controls for data protection in your CPA firm as required by law and as expected by your clients.The IT experts can help in:

  • Data encryption
  • Setting up firewalls
  • Carrying out network patches
  • Setting up backups
  • Creating multifactor authentication
  • Restricting unauthorized access to financial records

Risk Assessments

Frequent assessments of your cybersecurity posture will help to strengthen the protection mechanisms put in place. This is also a requirement for CPA firms under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. It is highly recommended to work with an IT support team that carries out regular risk evaluations to measure the resilience of your technical controls.An experienced team will help to:

  • Create an inventory of your critical assets
  • Assess internal and external threats
  • Carry out penetration tests to reveal weaknesses in your networks and infrastructure
  • Implement or update the technical controls as necessary to safeguard against new threats

Incidence Response

It would help if you had a reliable incidence response and recovery plan in your CPA firm in case of a cyber-attack or data breach. Why? Because the speed with which you react to the incidence determines the extent of the damage. A faster response helps to minimize losses and enable a speedy resolution and recovery.A masterly IT support can help with:

  • Detecting, analyzing and dissolving threats using modernized threat intelligence solutions
  • Setting up plans and clear to follow procedures for data recovery
  • Documenting and reporting incidences for compliance with regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Sarbanes-Oxley Act, among others

Protection on the Cloud

Have you moved your accounting services to the cloud to tap into its limitless potential? There are also many pitfalls to watch out for in the cloud. Cybersecurity in the cloud is critical, and the regulations, as mentioned earlier, also extend to cloud computing in the accounting practice. With managed IT services, CPAs can have peace of mind knowing that the IT experts are:

  • Carrying out a thorough vetting on SaaS providers to prevent third party risks
  • Implementing measures to protect the company's sensitive data on the cloud
  • Monitoring vendor access and privileges to preserve data confidentiality

Technology is hugely vital in accounting operations. At Riverfy, we are experts in IT support in San Jose. We understand all accounting industry compliance regulations and can also deliver services that accelerate your business growth. Contact us now for a free consultation.