Managed Services in Santa Clara Enhance Sustainability Via Cyber Security

Managed Services in Santa Clara Enhance Sustainability Via Cyber Security

Be Realistic

Managed services providers in Santa Clara can do a lot to optimize your business in terms of cutting-edge technology and general optimization. One of the most important things these solutions do for your business is providing cybersecurity. Today’s marketplace is, increasingly, threatened by what’s become its own industry. Cybercrime isn’t just wreaking havoc globally— it is growing. This means that to combat cybersecurity threats, MSPs and other service providers must, continually, maintain cutting-edge protections. This is done by advancing patches and updates as new threats become apparent. If you want to be the most sustainable as an organization, it is imperative that you have such protections instituted. Following are several strategies you can pursue which will help keep your business safe from being compromised by cybercriminals:

  • Educating employees pertaining to cyber security— continuously
  • Continuous software updates, including patches and security
  • Ensuring the latest data encryption is put to use
  • Ensuring access privileges are properly stratified
  • Looking into cyber insurance solutions

Educating Employees Pertaining to Cyber Security— Continuously

It used to be possible to hack the phone company with a toy whistle. As companies became aware of this reality, they instituted protections so that such things could be prevented. When it comes to managed services in Santa Clara, there is a similar reality at play. Old methods of hacking and cybercriminal intrusion are caught and rebuffed. Yet, even as they are, new cybersecurity threats continue to develop. Hackers and other cybercriminals transition as technology does. The only way to protect against this is to, regularly, educate employees pertaining to existing and developing risks. It would make sense to have an education campaign which updates workers at least once a month. At the very least, work with an MSP who can give you a heads up when some new threat arises.

Continuous Software Updates, Including Patches and Security

WannaCry backhanded the business world in May of 2017 with a virus that invaded networks through Server Message Block (SMB) ports. Through the use of these ports, they didn’t require user error to infiltrate as traditional ransomware has. Over 150 countries were affected but businesses with automatic patch solutions in place experienced no losses. Due to technology’s fluid forward momentum, you always want security solutions to be updated as quickly as they’re available. The same goes for software. Consult your MSP for the best balance.

Ensuring the Latest Data Encryption is Put to Use

Like viruses and other means of intrusion developed with tech, encryption must become more in-depth to avoid being cracked. Even military-grade encryption has its weakness. You want the latest solutions available at all times.

Ensuring Access Privileges Are Properly Stratified

Simply put, certain data should be available on a need-to-know basis only. Controlling access can keep compromises from developing with great success.

Looking into Cyber Insurance Solutions

If you’re paying an insurance company to retain your data and they fail in this task, the onus is on them and you’re remunerated. Look into such solutions if you haven’t already.

Comprehensive Protection

Managed services in Santa Clara through Riverfy institute some of the best available protections on the market. Contact us for security solutions that safeguard your business.