Our IT Consulting Team in the Bay Area Can Help You with Network Penetration Testing

Our IT Consulting Team in the Bay Area Can Help You with Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing is essential to your company's digital security as well as your quest to secure and retain clients. The main purpose of conducting a network penetration test is to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities within the network, systems, network devices, hosts, etc. Ideally, network penetration testing will be conducted before hackers can pinpoint weak points and take advantage of them. Without such testing, hackers will have the opportunity to compromise your system/network in a manner that permits illegitimate access to sensitive information. The worst-case scenario is a full take-over of the system for nefarious purposes. Our IT consulting team in the Bay Area is here to prevent such an outcome.

Penetration Testing Done Right

Penetration testing methodologies are not all exactly the same. Put your faith in our IT services experts in the Bay Area and we will conduct a simulated attack. Our digital security consultants will identify any security problems in the environment, determine your company's unique level of risk and address network security shortcomings in a timely manner. We have experience supporting as well as attempting to break networks, systems, and hosts of all types. This invaluable experience helps us key in on the most important issues and ultimately provide guidance that spurs meaningful action.Once our network penetration test is conducted, you will finally be able to see your system from the perspective of a hacker as well as a savvy network security specialist. This insight is necessary to determine where you can boost your security. We go to great lengths to explain exactly what is wrong with the network in plain English anyone can understand. Our IT consulting team in the Bay Area will also provide essential guidance to help mitigate any problems we identify. Once our team is through with the network penetration tests, you will be completely confident that no one will be able to obtain unauthorized access to your network.

Network Penetration Testing is Worth the Short Wait and Minor Cost

The amount of time it takes to conduct a network penetration test is partially determined by the network's complexity and size. In general, it typically takes between a week and a month to complete network penetration testing. Everything from the number of live IP addresses to other nuances determine the cost. However, the brief wait and minor cost are well worth the money considering the invaluable peace of mind you will enjoy after the testing is complete.

Riverfy is at Your Service

Our IT consulting team in the Bay Area is here to help with network penetration testing and additional tech challenges as they arise. We will ensure your network is as safe as possible while maximizing your overarching efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.