Our IT Consulting Team in the Bay Area Delves Into VPN Security

Our IT Consulting Team in the Bay Area Delves Into VPN Security

Chances are you have heard of VPNs yet never used one. VPNs provide a secure way to transmit and access data from afar. However, some question whether VPNs are actually secure. Below, our IT consulting team in the Bay Area provides a look at the security of VPNs and explains how we will keep your information well-protected.

VPN Security

VPNs, short for "virtual private networks", conceal online activity as well as one’s location. The information transmitted to and from your computer is sent through a fully secure unseen online tunnel. This data moves from the computer to the VPN server, preventing anyone from seeing it. Our IT consulting team in the Bay Area can help you choose the safest possible VPN.Information transmitted through a VPN is encrypted, ensuring cyber thieves cannot access the data. In fact, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot access the data secured by a VPN. Most people are surprised to learn secure VPNs have fully transparent privacy policies, refuse to maintain logs of web browsing history and are proactive to remedy leaks.

A Truly Safe VPN

No two VPNs are exactly the same. The cheapest VPNs are tempting, yet they have the potential to be a trap as many will sell user data to third-parties, defeating the goal of remaining private. The best VPNs identified by our IT services experts in the Bay Area prevent IP address leaks. Ideally, your VPN will disguise your IP address and prevent others from tracking your internet activities. Our tech aficionados are here to help you find the perfect VPN that conceals your IP location. In fact, we can even help you find a VPN that thwarts leaks.

Multifactor Authentication, No-Logs and a Kill Switch

Multifactor authentication requires users to prove their identity in several ways prior to signing into the VPN account, ensuring only those with the proper qualifications access the VPN. Our IT consulting experts favor VPNs with kill switches that quit programs when the web connection is unstable, decreasing the odds of data being revealed by sensitive programs. Furthermore, the VPN should not collect/log data sent through the network, save personal information or the search history.When it comes to VPN and information protection, only the best will suffice. Our IT consulting team in the Bay Area will keep your data secure with VPNs and additional digital tools. For more information, get in touch with us at Riverfy.