Our IT Support Team in San Jose Explains the Threat of Social Engineering

Our IT Support Team in San Jose Explains the Threat of Social Engineering

When it comes to business security, most companies neglect social engineering, as little is known about it compared to other more traditional forms of attack. Some do not understand what social engineering is, while others do not recognize just how serious of a threat it really is. Below, our IT support team in San Jose delves into social engineering and explains much of a threat it really is to your business.

Social Engineering Explained

Social engineering is best defined as the use of sociological and psychological principles for specific malicious aims. Victims of social engineering have been influenced to take an action that does not reflect their best interest. Social engineering is not damaging in and of itself. When such an attack is used to pilfer illegal information or access, it is malicious.

Social Engineers Capitalize on Human Tendencies

Social engineers try to take advantage of targets based on their tendencies. From taking advantage of the average worker's obedience to workplace superiors to general laziness and the inclination of some to help others, there are all sorts of tendencies for social engineers to manipulate for their own ends.

Inadequate Security Policies Open the Door for Social Engineering

Too many businesses errantly assume their digital security policy will suffice. However, some such companies do not have security policies in place to cover the appropriate procedures, actions, rules, etc. Furthermore, this policy must be understood and followed by employees.

Insufficient Awareness

There is minimal social engineering awareness at work. However, all it takes is a web search to identify millions of dollars in stolen identities, pilfered money, etc. The bottom line is every single business should educate its staff about the threat of social engineering. Furthermore, employees should be provided with the tools necessary to handle the threat. Our IT support team in San Jose can help educate your team about this digital security threat and prevent it from wreaking havoc on your organization.

Be Realistic About Your Digital Security

Too many business owners and managers accept their IT guy's insistence that their digital security is up to par. It is a mistake to assume your business is immune to digital attacks. The truth is no system is ever 100% secure. Be proactive, ask for assistance from those who truly understand modern-day digital threats and recognize the fact that cybersecurity is a never-ending battle.At Riverfy, our IT support team in San Jose has all the best defenses against social engineering and other online threats. We can help with your tech needs, regardless of their magnitude or complexity. Contact us now for more information.