Teaming Up with IT Consulting Experts in the Bay Area to Reduce Security Risks Through Patch Management

Teaming Up with IT Consulting Experts in the Bay Area to Reduce Security Risks Through Patch Management

Dealing with cybersecurity threats is something IT consulting experts in the Bay Area can handle. Part of IT consultants' job is to keep up with the latest breaches, malware, bugs and other online activities that affect business continuity and reputation. Working with a technology expert will help you build a better defense against cybercrime. Here are ways an IT consultant can help protect your data:

Aiming for Stronger Cybersecurity

Every business of any size needs to think more about data protection and building robust security layers around data that block out hackers. It further helps to develop a relationship with a group of experts who you can rely on to answer your questions about business technology. A seasoned IT consulting team in the Bay Area is the solution to simplifying cybersecurity, data backup, and system operation.There are several routine tasks that an IT team needs to perform to ensure data is stored and backed up safely. Testing backups is another essential step that many in-house IT departments often overlook because they prioritize more interesting tasks. One of the keys to business survival in the digital age is to regularly back up all critical data. There are various ways data can be destroyed, so it's important to rely on a team that takes all the steps seriously.How IT Experts Deploy Patch Management

  • Take inventory of all your software
  • Establish patch management policies
  • Check for patch updates then test them
  • Back up your production
  • Download then install patches

After patch management has been deployed, you should track new patch releases or have your consultant do it for you.

Taking Proactive Steps

Your business should anticipate being targeted by cybercriminals since incidents have been rising in recent years, costing billions in damages. The reason it's crucial to establish a patch management process is that in 2019 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) rose to over 12,000 incidents.But you don't have to live in fear, and you can at least maintain business continuity much better when teaming up with an IT consultant.Applying proper patch management when you add new patches to software and systems is very important. Software updates are not always as smooth as everyone would like, as many times when they are rushed to market, they contain flaws in the code. You never know when a new patch will be followed by a quick update.


The best IT consulting team in the Bay Area takes proactive steps that ensure your confidential business data will be well guarded. Contact us at now Riverfy to know more about how our IT services can bring your business in the Bay Area greater comfort and efficiency.