Top Ten Benefits Of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services can provide a world of benefits for your small to mid-sized Santa Clara business. Here, we’ll explain managed IT services, their benefits, and the industries within which they are most popular.

Running your business like a well-oiled machine requires high-quality IT support. With so much of the world relying on internet technologies like clouds, servers, and software, you need a dedicated support team to keep up with and exceed your competition. The benefits of managed IT services speak for themselves, giving you personalized, industry-specific technological solutions that make your job easier.

Whether you handle your company’s IT or have a hired specialist, managed IT services support your efforts and help guide you to new, cutting-edge technologies. Suppose you wonder, “What are managed IT services” read on to learn how the leading provider of IT services in Santa Clara can benefit you and your business.

What are Managed IT Services?

So, what are managed IT services? In a nutshell, managed IT services put specific business information technology tasks in professional hands that know how to manage and improve your current IT systems. You’ll have access to a team of IT experts with real-world experience in the technologies most beneficial to your industry.

The best benefits of IT-managed services include round-the-clock accessibility, quick response times, and professional guidance when researching new technologies.

What services do managed IT providers offer?

Some IT services you can expect include the following:

Building a reliable network

If you’re starting from ground zero or adjusting your current technological needs, managed IT services can help you plan your project and construct an integrated infrastructure. You can opt for a cloud network, install hardware like servers and access points, take advantage of VoIP calling, or mix and match to create the best IT infrastructure for your business.

IT management and support

Managed IT services provide your business with a help desk so you can get answers to IT problems day or night. You’ll also enjoy monitoring and maintenance services, anti-virus and cyber security services, and data backup and recovery.

Optimized IT solutions

Whether you need to automate specific processes or develop a well-structured workflow, managed IT services provide professional guidance and specialists. Managed services can also help you analyze data or adjust your technologies to align with your needs better.

Software and hardware discovery and installation

Your managed IT services team can help guide you on the right software and hardware to meet your needs. Choosing suitable landline phones, cloud servers, or digital signage for your building becomes more manageable with a professional technology team on your side.

Controlled digital environmental solutions

Modern technology allows you to have complete control over your building’s environment right from your phone. Turn lights on or off, raise or lower shades, or change your building’s temperature with the touch of a button.

What Industries Should Use Managed IT Services?

Businesses of any size can take advantage of managed IT services benefits. Whether you have one business location or need an entire IT infrastructure, managed services can quickly build and customize technology to your needs. Some industries that use managed IT services include:

Property developers and managers

Whether building a new structure or modifying an existing one, outfitting buildings with the right IT system creates superior functionality for any client. As a property developer or manager, you want to keep your facilities easily customized to your renters’ needs.

Hospitality providers

Creating a hospitable environment for guests involves many technological solutions. Whether you own a bed and breakfast or a hotel chain, offering reliable internet and phone services make guests want to come back in the future.

Organizations and associations

Charities, professional organizations, and other associations need consistent technological infrastructures while adhering to their allocated budget. Managed IT services allow these groups access to dependable, customizable tech solutions.

Local municipalities

Towns have specific technological needs ranging from functional and dependable communication to a highly secure computer network for town records. Stay up to speed and have constant access to emergency IT support with managed IT services.

Dentists and orthodontists

Dental offices must protect patient information while staying focused on the client experience. Stop worrying about your computer network and spend time building your clientele with the help of managed IT services.

Managed IT Service Benefits

Now that you’ve learned what managed IT service is and what industries benefit from it, let’s understand its top ten benefits.

1.  A unified approach to IT support

When you take advantage of managed IT services, you receive ample support from all angles. Multiple teams work under one roof, making finding solutions to any technological problem easier. In addition, you’ll have one number to call when you have any IT problems, simplifying the troubleshooting and repair process.

Even when you have an in-house IT team, managed IT services provide a point of contact when your IT specialists need assistance. Businesses with complicated cloud systems or networks need a single solution for any problem, so managed IT services make that happen.

2.  Access to the best technologies in the industry

Managed IT services have their fingers on the technological pulse, ensuring they stay on top of improving industry-specific tech. From rewiring your business to have faster and more reliable internet to upgrading your cloud for speed and accessibility, your managed services know what will help your business grow. Managed IT service companies also use the best software and hardware, exchanging older tech for new and improved versions when necessary.

Because you won’t have to pay out of pocket for access to complicated IT software and hardware, you’ll save money while getting the best of the technological world. With new technological marvels emerging daily, stay on top of the game with managed IT services.

3.  Focused on action, not the reaction

One of the best benefits of managed IT services involves having a team that monitors your technology, performs upgrades and updates regularly, and heads off problems before they occur. Faulty tech causes downtime in your company, costing you person-hours on top of possible profits while you work to correct the problem. With constant vigilance over your company’s software, hardware, and networks, managed IT services provide you peace of mind daily.

4.  Prompt response time, all the time

Whether you need guidance on a technological issue or suddenly lose connection to your network, managed IT services take your call anytime or at night. With 24/7 customer service, you’ll never have to wait for your in-house IT technician to clock in or answer your calls. You can take care of problems as they occur and enjoy round-the-clock service.

This easy accessibility also allows you to get IT to help, whether in the office or remotely. With IT support anytime, anywhere, you can rest assured that you’ll always have help just a phone call away.

5.  Knowledgeable, experienced team of friendly IT specialists

Managed IT services provide friendly, personable specialists with professional experience in support and guidance. Every time you contact your team, you’ll receive prompt service and solutions designed to meet your needs with minimal extra expenses.

They understand that you don’t know the ins and outs of your company’s technology. When helping you find solutions to your IT needs, managed service specialists avoid overly technical terminology so you can understand the steps taken to improve your business.

6.  Saves you from lengthy, expensive hiring processes

IT services for your business can range from simple computer installations to intricate networking cables connected to a block of servers. With the many technologies used in the business world, finding a single person capable of meeting your IT needs is impossible. Building up your in-house IT department may require multiple technicians, all of whom require you to spend money on the hiring process, including:

  • Funds for posting job listings on boards and websites
  • Hours set aside for phone and in-person interviews
  • Background checks, drug tests, and hours spent verifying information
  • Days for establishing a familiarity with your business’s specific IT needs
  • Hourly or salary pay, plus bonus or incentive pay structures
  • Insurance, 401ks, sick days, vacation time, etc.

With all these responsibilities, you’ll need to spend many hours and funds on discovering the right people for your department. Managed IT services help you avoid these problems by offering a whole team dedicated to providing you with industry-specific technological solutions, all included at one price.

7.  Scale up or down as you need

Businesses shrink and grow over time, following their industry and clientele. You can quickly scale your managed IT services to your company if you need to drop some services or want to match your expanding business. Your managed IT services team will help guide you in choosing which services best suit your specific needs so you can always meet your requirements while not spending on unnecessary technologies.

Reasons business owners may change the scale of their technological needs include:

  • Meeting new business milestones
  • Dropping or growing sales
  • Changing demand for products or services
  • Adding new locations or closing old ones
  • Splitting or uniting separate IT systems

Regardless of your size, managed IT services can scale to your needs and grow or shrink depending on your requirements.

8.   Access the best IT vendors

Managed IT services to develop relationships with vendors for software, hardware, cloud services, internet providers, and other technology companies. These relationships benefit you since you’ll have a foot in the door through your IT support team. In addition, many vendors offer bulk discounts to managed IT service providers, since some of these systems can apply to multiple types of businesses, lowering your cost more than if you directly approach the vendors.

9.  The ultimate in cyber security

Installing your firewalls and security software may leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks, especially if you don’t have experience in recognizing particular weak spots in your network. Managed IT service providers know what to look for when ensuring cyber security, choosing the best security systems, and monitoring attempts to access your network. Your IT support team protects your servers, computers, and other sensitive technologies from potential cyber-attacks and strengthens your current protections when necessary.

They can also educate you and your team on recognizing cyber security issues and reporting them, including phishing, malware, ransomware, or other common cyber attacks.

10.  Keeps you compliant with federal and local laws

Many industries have specific laws that they must comply with to continue operating. These laws typically provide privacy for consumers or patients, requiring you to protect sensitive information for your clientele. Failing to comply with federal or local laws about client privacy can cost your business, requiring a carefully crafted, protected, and maintained network.

Managed IT services know the laws you must follow to comply with consumer privacy protection. The most common data compliance requirements include the following:

  • HIPAA, which protects patient health records
  • SOX, which protects financial and accounting information
  • FERPA, which protects educational records
  • PCI DSS, which protects consumer credit card information
  • FISMA, which protects data and requires regular risk assessments

Managed IT Services Offer Many Benefits For Santa Clara, CA, Businesses

With so many benefits, you can see how your personalized support team will make a difference in how you run your business. Regardless of your industry, Riverfy, the leading provider of IT services in Santa Clara, can improve your company’s technological prowess and make it easier to function. Managed IT services can apply to businesses of any size, so whether you run a bed and breakfast in Santa Clara or own commercial properties along the Silicon Valley area, you’ll enjoy the multifaceted approach of your own IT support team.

At Riverfy, we provide top-tier managed IT services for businesses across Santa Clara. Check out our blog to learn more about these services.