Why Block Chain Matters to IT Services in Santa Clara

Why Block Chain Matters to IT Services in Santa Clara

New technology is constantly reshaping IT services in Santa Clara and blockchain in the financial industry has become an interesting example. Recently, many entrepreneurs have developed an understanding of the possibilities of this innovative technology for making secure transactions.Here are details on how blockchain is useful for contracts, identity management, online investing and more:

How Blockchain Technology Works

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has helped increase the awareness of blockchain, which is a digital public ledger that documents transactions through multiple computers. Members can define their own blockchain network. The transactions grouped in blocks are distributed to members in chronological order, allowing members to analyze the history of entries and the transmitted data. This ledger operates without a central authority and is trusted by its users as a complete documentation of all transactions within the network. Each group of transactions represents a block and is protected by cryptography, which prevents destruction and forgery of digital documents.

Global Payments

Not only can blockchain wallets speed up transactions--- they can also lower the cost by cutting middlemen out of the process. This solution particularly saves times and money when doing business with entities in another country. At the moment, cryptocurrency--- in which Bitcoin can be traded for U.S. dollars and converted to digital tokens--- is not regulated by governments. Even if it does face government oversight, it's an efficient alternative to current digital transaction methods, since it's more agile.

Share Trading

The future of share trading will most certainly involve blockchain. The technology will improve trade accuracy and speed up the settlement process. Trading cryptocurrencies will integrate with the financial services industry, as Bitcoin will be added to the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 2018. Blockchains have the potential to make share trading much more transparent. Every party involved in the transaction will get to validate it and there will be less need for brokers. This form of trading can be improved through scripting that automates transactions based on pre-determined conditions.

Smart Contracts

Your IT services provider in Santa Clara can enhance your business with smart contracts, which are just beginning to surface more frequently in blockchains. Smart contracts can be used for automated executions of commercial transactions and agreements. Once again, the blockchain bypasses middlemen and serves as the enforcer to all contract parties. You have complete control as to who on the blockchain can access the contracts.

Online Identity

Registration has become a time-consuming process for online identity management. Blockchain allows users to choose the method for identifying themselves. They can also decide with whom the information is shared. Once you are registered on the blockchain, the information is stored and can be used without filling out new forms. It eliminates the need for time-consuming authentication processes for vendors on the same blockchain.

Customer Benefits

Loyalty and rewards programs can be easily facilitated by blockchain. Financial institutions will be able to use it for awarding points and developing performance management systems. They can also benefit from the constant communication with customers it can provide to let them know how much they are appreciated.


The next generation of IT services providers in Santa Clara is already working on understanding the value of blockchain technology. Learn more from Riverfy about how this emerging technology can improve the security and reliability of transaction processes for your financial organization.